Thursday, September 29, 2005

Guo Fen!

My flatmate is annoying me..and the rest of us as well.

She has been inviting friends over... everyday! And everytime, there's always a new place.. and there will be at least 8 of them!

I mean.. it is ok to invite you friends over... but must it be everyday?

Why do you have to see them EVERYDAY?? Are you having group sex or something??

And the noise they are making! So distracting! I pity my other flatmate whose room is just next to the kitchen.

Somedays, i come back to my flat.. hoping to cook some good food to satisfy my poor neglected tummy after a day at school.. but what do i see in the kitchen? A bunch of noisy young punks.

It's hard to cook with so many people around the kitchen!

So today, we had a discussion. One of them was thirsty but didn't dare go to the kitchen to get water! One of them is dying from hunger but can't cook cos everyone's there! Poor things!

It is our kitchen! Why should we be afraid to go into our own kitchen?

So tonight, when the young punks leave.. (God knows when!), we'll talk to her and tell her... You can invite your friends over but no more than twice a week! (of course in a nice manner.. we have to live with each other for at least another 8 mth...)


naranja said...

Wahahaha! 8 people is a lot ah. No need to study meh? Everyday party. hehe.

Usually when my housemates have so many friends over I won't cook. If it is once or twice it is ok but everyday is too much. The culprit will definitely get it from me.

Lynn said...

Wah, party flat eh? That's right FF it is your kitchen you guys have the right to use it as and when you like. I would just go excuse me and do my own things, what I usually try to do is making them feel pai-seh..if they don't get the hint then I will tell my flatmate...
How is sch so far? Weather in Leicester is so crappy coming down with some cold/flu..trying to keep well though.

MyOrangeSweater said...

Is this the very same Chinese flatmate again? I think you should replace her ...