Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have given one of my flatmates a nickname. Her name is TB.. short for Thin Blanket.

For the past few nights.. i have been waking up.. hot and bothered...
You know why? Cos TB turned up the heater to THIRTY degrees! Wah lau! 3o!!

I have turned off the radiator in my room.. and it stills feel warm!
I have opened the window too but still it is not working!
I didn't even need my duvet when i sleep!

For the past few nights, i turned the temp down to 15 degrees celcius hahaha cos it's so warm! And the next day i wake up, it has been turned up to 30!!!

So today, i can't stand it anymore and asked who's the one who has been turning up the heat! (i didn't know who at first but i suspected TB through some process of elimination! haha). She said it is her.. cos she feels so cold at night especially her feet!

I asked her "Don't you have a duvet??" she said yes.. and pointed at her blanket..
Wah lau.. please lor.. you are in the UK.. it is cold and will be colder soon..why you use something that is as thin (or maybe thinner) as your bath towel as a blanket?

She then told me to turn off my radiator at night! Oh the cheek! She said her radiator is not working so the accommodation office gave her a heater!

Then why the hell did she not use her heater and turned up the central heater!!! Wah lau....

Anyway she said she will turn on her heater tonight!
So tonight, i am able to have a good sleep! Yahoo!


miryclay said...

is this one of the 3 china girls or the hongkie?

feet cold wear socks or leg warmers or just wrapped her towel over her feet lah! so simple!


Anonymous said...

haha.. so funny..

Fat Fingers said...

miryclay : TB is from China... She has started using her own heater now. hohoho

Anon : not so funny when it happenend :(