Monday, September 19, 2005

finally ah!!

I've finally got internet access in my room!!

I am so glad to be online now! I can finally surf the net in peace and read all the blogs!!

The boyfriend left last Saturday.. so i had the weekend all to myself.. and i was so LONELY!!! I miss him! But part of me wants him to go back soon so i can get on with my life.. and meet more people and make new friends.

My flat mates are ok… but I doubt I will be very good friends with them..

3 of them are from China so that makes them a gang already.

The other flat mate of mine is from Hong Kong. She is always running around.. so I have not much chance to talk to her etc.

Oh and their names are so funny.. Gigi, Lili, Coco and today i met a Bobo. I am sure i will meet someone by the name of Jojo soon.. hmmm

So what have i been doing??

Well, I have been going to the afternoon tea party at the International Students Office. They serve FREE tea/coffee and snacks! So must go lor! Plus.. can make more friends mah!!!

It was quite awkward for me at first… cos I am just not good at starting a conversation.. But it went ok (thankfully). I plucked up my courage and talked to some people. I met some Japanese girls and boys. They were a friendly bunch. I met a Swedish guy too and he asked me lots of questions about Singapore! Heng ah! I know the answers hahaha. And today i finally met someone who is doing the same (well almost the same) course as me! We have not met anyone who is in the same dept!!

Oh and i think it's so hard to cook for one person? I thought it was easy cos i can cook whatever i want and however i want it... but on Sunday i was in the kitchen... pondering for 15min... with the chicken breast on my plate.. I don't know what to do with it!! Should i stir fry it? Steam it? How?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don't know what to do with it!!!!

In the end, i cooked tom yum soup with them....

Oh yeah... some guy from the next block was trying out his new wok... and he set off the fire alarm! haha i think that's so funny.... i hope it will not happen to me.. hehehe


FF said...

yay! more posts from you soon!

barneysaurus said...

Me also want lots of updates from coming from your fat fingers, keke ;)....