Friday, September 30, 2005

Headache ah!

Last night the young punks left at 11.30pm! They were so noisy...

We wanted to wait till they're gone so we can talk to our flatmate in private.. but we were all so tired and wanted to sleep already so we decided to ask her to come out for awhile. So we told her that we welcome her friends to our flat.. but no more than twice a week.. and if they can keep the volume down... She was ok with it.. but i could sense she wasn't too happy.. I mean..she's right not to be happy...who would like to be told off (nicely) by her flatmates?

Anyway, one problem solved!

But there's another! If you can remember my previous post about TB.... i thought my problem has been solved.. but recently another flatmate of mine has been turning up the central heater to 28 ~ 30 degrees! WAH LAU! Who the hell sleeps in such condition?? Maybe the devil himself.. but.... not me!!!

So last night.. i woke up at 5am.. sweating (again!)... I was so annoyed.. i wanted to continue to sleep but it was just too hot for me! So i dragged myself up and went to the kitchen to turn the temp down to 20! After that i went back to bed but couldn't get to sleep!

So today, lao niang had a hard time trying to keep herself awake during lecture!!! Ta ma de!

I have told the flatmate about it and hopefully she will not do it again.. cos Lao niang doesn't really want to spend her time sleeping during lectures and awake in bed in the wee hours of the morning!!

And now i am getting a wee bit stress with school work!
I have to learn Java you know! I'm going to be an uber geek! hehehe that's what my lecturer said. I think he is so funny cos he once told us (while showing us around the bldg) "There's an empty corridor here..You can do whatever you like.. Snogging, Shagging..whatever!"
If he were in Singapore, i think he might have lost his job now.....

Anyway.. i have to go read up about JAVA. If any of you uber geeks here know about Java.. any good links etc, please tell me! Fat Fingers will be forever grateful!


Jayaxe said...

Oops, I know nuts about Java. But I do understand the annoyance of living with 'happenning' housemates. Very the arrggghh!

Anyway, maybe after this, be nicer to her and pray that her friends don't come so often. Hehe.

defy angel said...

good luck to ur "java" know nothing to it...
hey u shld blasted ur room mates! They are too much!

Fat Fingers said...

i am always nice to her leh. i had to tell her before things get worse... and her friends came again this evening! but they stayed in her room so that's ok hahaaha

Ignorant one said...

good luck to ya! i always tot my bro was the worst but i guess im a little more fortunate.

i hope you will survive well! =)