Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Many things to look forward to...

Singapore Idol tomorrow..
I hope Taufik wins.. if he doesn't it's ok too hahaha

The dreaded D&D on Friday!
Dick has sent us an email today and said we can go off at 3pm. That's nice of him.. but still.. we don't like him!
I'm a little nervous.. cos i hate dressing up.. it makes me uncomfortable. I prefer my jeans, tees and sneakers.

Dick leaving on next Wednesday!
He'll be gone for a month! Yahooo!! FREEDOM! Oh yeah Baby!!

My new colleague / team member in Jan '05
Yeah.. Dick has hired another girl who will be joining my team. I hope she can take some of my categories so i can do less work and chat more on Yahoo with my COWorkers! Muahahahaha!
She will be sitting in the cubicle next to me. I hope she will not look at what i'm doing most of the time.. I need a mirror.. so i can see what she's doing and if she's looking at me hohoho

The Bonus Payout in Feb '05!!
I hope i get at least a 2.5 months bonus.. Maybe i am too greedy.. but i do hope that i get at least 2.5 months.. cos i really need to save more $$$!! Especially after receiving my insurance premium today! About $1k! argh!

The Boyfriend!!
Yes! He will be here in Feb! I can't wait! I need lots of TLC.. not that i am not getting any at the moment.. but i want someone to cuddle me and tickle me to sleep.. someone to feed me strawberries. hehe But i am not looking forward to giving up my remote control to him though hehehe


calm one said...

Bonus + Boyfriend = Not enough $$$


Bubblemunche said...

Looks like you've got quite a lot of good stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks and months :)! Keke, can borrow some of your good luck or not ;)?

I'm hoping I'll get more than 2 months' bonus too :)....

FF said...

Sly Sly Sly!!!

Bubblemunche said...

Oli! Oli! Oli!


Wait a minute. She's out already. Damn.

cheeky said...

wah BF coming . Go easy on the smooching.