Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Taufik is the Singapore Idol!

He did really well!
I'm glad he won and that i didn't even spend 50 cents on him.. cos i think it's more worth it to spend that 50 cents on a slice of Papaya! hohoho!!

Sly did well too! But i just prefer Taufik cos he sang Al Green's Let's stay together during the R&B night.. and it was GOOD!!

OK.. now i'm gonna lie in bed and read some Dilbert and wait for Amazing Race to start at 12am!!

I will sleep at work tomorrow! hohoho


Bubblemunche said...

I didn't vote too! The reason for that is because I'm cheapo, keke ;)....

TAR is showing tonight :P?? Argh!! Cable right? Bubblemunche no have :(

Jayaxe said...

Not only I didn't vote, I also just realized it was 50 cents per vote! Wonder if there will still be 3 million votes if each vote cost $5. Heh heh.

sari said...

I didnt vote as well. It was so clear everyone thinks Taufik is a better singer.. Honestly if Sly was in the oz idol, he wont even get in .. and so to choose the better one of the two, it got to be taufik. Sly looks like a really nice guy though.. but to represent sgp, taufik has to be da winner.