Tuesday, December 14, 2004



I saw this boy again! (no, it's not Jayaxe haha, it's the boy he's talking about!)
I gave him a disgusted look and walked away!
Please! Go find a part time job and earn some real money!

I wanted to take out a $10 note and waved it in front of him and then lure him to the other side of the underpass where there were some kids playing violins and raising funds for the Cancer Children's Society (i think). But i didn't because i only have $4 with me hahaha.

Anyway, i love the $1 shop. So many things to buy! Well not alot.. but considering having to buy all the little trinkets for my "Secret Santee", I managed to find some good buys. HO HO HO! I can't wait to give her her real presents next week. And i can't wait to get my present (hopefully the $20 book voucher i asked for) and i will go to the bookstore immediately to get the Battle Royale Book. I want to read it during the holidays. When everyone is out partying, Fat Fingers will be at home reading it. I might go to Malacca with my family over Christmas IF Dick approves my leave. He'll be at the San Francisco office tomorrow. I hope he will not call me and bug me and ask me to do things that will waste my time.. and affect my efficiency and productivity! :D


Bubblemunche said...

Wah! That boy was previously asked for 'coffee sessions' with the uncles in blue because of his 'profession'! And he's back in business already?!? My goodness....

Oh, Kino having 20% discount coupons again! But only two this time, was last spotted on the 11 Dec Life section of the Straits Times :P

Jayaxe said...

So you saw that guy at the Orchard MRT underpass again? If I pass there and see him next time, I'll fart in his face. Hahaha.

cheeky said...

call diana ser quick. latest ep. for 'get real' with the title, "begger, by choice or circumstances?"

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles! Thanks! I will go look for it! hehe I want to buy the Adrian Mole book too!

Jayaxe and Cheeky, i never see him yesterday.. is it you all go fart in his face or maybe Diana ser did hehe. I like Diana ser. I think i shall email her about this.. hmmm