Sunday, December 12, 2004

53 days!

Yahoo! So happy!

The boyfriend has just told me that he'll be here in 53 days! And he'll be here for a total of 18 days! We have 3 full weekends together!

HAHAHA I can't wait!

And also Dick has approved my leave already! I'm gonna be away the whole of CNY! Yahoo! So happy!



FF said...

So happy for you!!:) Have you planned where to bring him when he's here?

sari said...

So happy So happy for you!!! Doesnt matter where you and him chill around.. but best place will be home =) Cuddle up, cook together, lots of chat, lots of love... as long as you 2 are together, dats sooooo sweet!! heehee Have lots of fun babe!!!

Bubblemunche said...

Bubblemunche happy for you too :D! I was also counting down when my, er, 'good friend from Germany' came back ;)

cheeky said...

Wah, dick is so nice.

Fat Fingers said...

Not sure where to bring him yet but i know we'll be eating lots of chicken rice and sushi! It's his favourite! :)

Yah Dick has no choice cos i faster "book" my leave before anyone else from my team wants to go on leave hohoho