Monday, December 20, 2004

It's Christmas Time!!

So what are you gonna do?

I say,
Feed the World Girls!

Please tune in to
Class 95 to listen to this song ok?
It's so funny and It's sung by the listeners and some of the DJs.

I actually did the audition over the phone (on air!) and then went to the studio to do the recordings. :D hee hee
Made some friends too. They are such a fun bunch of people!
& I got to talk to Glenn Ong ..and i think he's very cool.

So anyway, here's how the song goes.. it's sung to the tune of
Do They Know It's Christmas? (While you're at that site, please donate some money or download the song. It's £1.99..about SGD6.)

Feed The Girls
By Dr. Cecil Brazilia & Sir Casper Carribean (yes they have funny names..and funny voices too)

It's Christmas Time...
There's no need to be a waif
At Christmas Time...
Your Skin is too tight and you're a fashion slave.

And with your stomach empty...
Your've got no food to enjoy.
And you look like you could die
At any time.

But say a prayer...
Pray for the Skinny ones..
50kg... and they
They think that they weigh a tonne

There's a world of food that's out there
On your table every year
With turkey ham and pudding with
A glass of wine or beer...

And the chicken wings that sizzle
On a smokey barbeque
Well tonight teach them to eat
Instead of puke

And there's starving kids in Africa this Christmas time.
All you do is worry about your weight
Where muscles never grow
Just hair and skin and bones
Make them eat some food at Christmas Time...

Yes for some
It's bio-logical
You're not one
It's purely psy-co-logical
Stuff them full of food at Christmas Time...

Feed the girls
Stuff them full of food at Christmas Time...
Feed the girls
Boiled or fried of stewed at Christmas Time...
Feed the girls
They'll look better nude at Christmas Time...

I think that was so well written! hahaha

No i didn't sing any solo part.. cos i was very nervous standing in front of the mic.. but i am sure you can hear me giggling and laughing..


Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of the Secret Santa game. We will be having our deparment Christmas Luncheon. One of the COWorkers is actually very upset with the presents she got from her Secret Santa.. cos what they ( i think a few of them ganged up to disturb her) did was just decorate her desk with all the ornaments.... I think she was jealous that we all got good gifts. Anyway i am sure her present will be a big one.. hmmm but she was complaining and saying that her presents are so cheapskate.. and she said it really loud.. I don't think that was necessary... hmmm

I am looking forward to receiving my book voucher.. I hope that's what my Secret Santa got for me.. cos i have reserved the
Battle Royale Book at Kinokuniya already! hehe Plus i told Secret Santa that's my first choice hehe
I can't wait to find out who my Secret Santa is! I have a present for him/her too.

Oh yes, we have to dress up in green, white and red tomorrow! There is a prize for the best dressed. So if you happen to see a girl in green top, white shoes/watch and a red cardigan.. It's probably me.. Ho Ho Ho!


defy angel said...

Wow Your company Xmas Lunch sounds super fun!!!! Even have to have dressed to the Xmas Theme...Red and Green...Cute

Jayaxe said...

You sang on air?! Did you record it down? Got then, upRoad for all of us to hear!!

limegreenspyda said...

aaaarrhhh!!!! i want to be play the secret santa game! so cute! very secondary-school-ish. i miss it! did you get good pressies from your secret santa? :)

have a happy christmas! i didn't know there was a book on battle royale! i havent even gotten down to watching it yet! sigh...

Fat Fingers said...

defy_angel : Must have white too. And got games to play also! The organiser i think is very free hohoho

Jayaxe : Yah i sang on air. but i dunno how to record it and upload to web hehehe. Oh i speak rike you too ...sometimes.. all the l become R and R becomes L. D becomes L too. Rike this - Linner and Liamond. ho ho ho and then V is Wee hahahaha

Spyda : How are you? Yes i got many cute pressies. I'm gonna take pics of them and upload them here.
Oh i have the Battle Royale D-wee-D (dvd). I found it in HKG! You can order it online too. You must watch it! :D

Jayaxe said...

Yah lor! Part of the influence is from FF who always get bruff by people and comprain. Hahaha.

And oh, I find that welly is easier to type than very!

Bubblemunche said...

I agree with Jayaxe :D! Must upload, upload :D!

My office Christmas celebration is this Fri :P! On a Christmas Eve!! The lucky thing is they're having it in the morning... I'm crossing my fingers they'll let us off at 11am :)

Bubblemunche said...

I heard the song liao :D!! It's weird and funny :D!!!!

Did you did the "psy-co-logical" part?? Funny :D!!

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : yah i like to say welly too.. easier to say also hahaha

Bubbles : I also have a christmas lunch this friday! I am not looking forward to it.. just realised i must flex a lot! Why did i say i wanted to go! DOH! Yah the song.. so funny right? no lah i didn't do any solo part.. i shy. hehe. I dunno how to upload leh. cos i dunno how to get it recorded haha

Zen|th said...

Everytime there's an exchange gift, someone's bound to be unhappy with their presents. Christmas isn't about receiving, it's about giving! :)