Friday, December 17, 2004

Got discount or not har?

I can't stand my ex-COWorkers!

If you want to get staff discount for me, i think it is only right that you try not to cause me too much inconvenience!
I am willing to wait for you after work or meet you during my lunchtime. I can even get out of the office for awhile and meet you at the store so you can get your stuff.. but don't come and tell me these :

ex-COWorkers : It is ok. You don't have to wait for us. We may go elsewhere first
Me : But if i don't wait for you, you can't get staff discount!

ex-COWorker : We want to go somewhere else first leh. Later then you meet us can?
Me : I knock off at 5.30! All of you will be there at 6.15? I can meet you that time. I don't mind..
ex-COWorkers : It's ok then. We give you the models and then you get for us ok?
Me : Those are branded goods. I don't have so much money to pay for all of you!
ex-COWorkers : We transfer money to your account first ok?

Wah! Please! I am not their personal shopper! And then after getting those things, i must meet them and pass it to them! Why can't they just go straight to the store and make their purchase! And if they gave me the wrong model or if i get the wrong things for them? Who will be responsible?

Luckily i didn't meet them.. i gave them some excuses.. They finished their window shopping at 9.30pm! I finished my work at 5.30!

I hate it when people want to get staff discount from me and yet they want me to wait for them without thinking how much inconvenience they are causing to me? Everyone say it with me, buay ji dong! (不自动)
Some people are worse, they act as if i owe them in their previous life and i have to pay them back by giving them staff discount!!

And i can't stand my so called friends who call their friends along ! And sometimes their friends don't even bother to say thank you! I don't know why i bother to be so nice to them!

Some people think that i am very "niao" (stingy) in giving them the staff discount.. but because of brand sensitivity, i cannot give staff discounts to every man and his dog! And i cannot trust these people cos they tend to spread and tell everyone that they got the stuff at such good prices.. and then get me into trouble! GRRRR

And i also can't stand it when the "long lost friends" suddenly calls me and ask me for discounts. They will always ask me .. "Got discount or not har?"

I also have a few "friends" who kept asking me for catalogues! Arght! "Fat Fingers, got staff discount for this brand or not? You got catalogue? Can give me? Can check the price for me? Got this in this colour?"

These questions annoy me alot. I wish i can tell them "Sorry, i am not your personal shopper and i don't have any bloody catalogues!" But i didn't.


Oh yes, this famous dessert store from HKG will be opening soon @ International Bldg! The one next to Isetan Scotts. Hui Lao Shan! 許留山甜品. Yummy! Please go try it! Not sure when they will be opening soon.. i guess probably before Christmas..


Jayaxe said...

Actually, this is one of the bad aspects of working the sales line! But people dunno, they think they can ask because it's not their money and you don't own the company.

Maybe you say you have to charge commission for yourself if you become a personal shopper lor! Hehehe.

Jayaxe said...

Oops! I meant to say ''s not YOUR money...'

Fat Fingers said...

haha yeah! well said!
I think i will tell them i have a limit every month and i have finished using it muahahaha

Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh, if they are so buay ji dong, next time don't help them already lor ;) I can't stand it when people take me for granted! Grrr.....

BTW can you give me a catalogue please :)? Muahahahahha.....

ningx said...

next time they do that just say
'ma de. you want discount so much you come here and work lah! ma de.'
i'm just kidding.
don't know what to say because I'm not really a discount person...hahahhaa
got discount no discount i also gong gong blur one.
everything also don't know..hahahaha

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Yes, very buay zi dong!

Fat Fingers said...

i don't have any catalogues!! hehehe