Saturday, December 18, 2004

So many litte time..

There are so many shows to watch on TV tonight.

There's :
What a Girl Wants on HBO at 9pm!
You've Got Mail on Ch 5 at 10!
Coupling on StarWorld at 10!
Sex and the City at 10.45!

Argh which one should i watch? hehehe

Yeah i definately must watch Coupling! It's is so much better than friends plus there's more sex.. haha not. Well they talk about it a lot and it's really funny. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing! (but of course! :D )

Check out some of these quotes from Coupling.

I like films with lesbians in them because it’s nice to think there are attractive women out there who can’t find a boyfriend.

It’s always scary when you see that final corner approaching, isn’t it? And you’re thinking: did I touch his thigh often enough? Did I stare at his mouth long enough? Did I flick my hair too much?… Yeah, I used to over-flick. So easy to cross the line between suggesting flirtatious and approachable, and suggesting there’s something living in your ear.

Jane’s breasts scare me. They’re like Mickey Mouse’s ears. Whichever way she turns, they’re still facing you.

We’re talking about men. They regard nose-picking as the bright side of flu.

If I don’t like a woman, if there’s no chemistry, if I’m not attracted to her, then I don’t lead her on, I just get out of there... every time, before she even wakes up.

I need breasts with brains. I don’t mean individual brains, obviously... I mean, not a brain each. You know, I like intelligent women, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere... I think breast brains would be over-egging the woman pudding.

I want to get all the Coupling DVDs and then make the boyfriend watch it with me muahaha.

& I want to watch "What a Girl Wants" cos i want to see Colin Firth! hehe Just him! But i'll give it a miss cos HBO will be showing it again...and again..and again.. and again..

Yeah i love You've Got Mail too. It's such a nice film to watch.. one of my favourite movies.

Who says everyone you meet on the net is a stalker? Maybe to that someone who stalked me and accused me of stalking her.. but there are really some psychos out there though.. like the one who stalked me and accused me of stalking her. HAHAHA. (Couldn't help it. )

I've met many of my online friends. Most of them are cool people.. and many have become my good friends too..

And then there's the boyfriend! I received an email from him asking me about Singapore cos that's one of his stops for his round the world trip.. He found my email on a travel forum and clicked on my name amongst many others.. HAHA I replied his email and gave him tips on how not to get ripped off in Bangkok hehe and the weekly emails became daily emails and it was really nice to wake up and find an email from him in my INbox. Then the emails became IMs and then the texts msgs followed. It's just amazing... how when you are not expecting love and it just comes right at you. It was love BEFORE first sight. :D I've got Mail and I've got Male! hee hee :D


Jayaxe said...

I'm gonna randomly email to girls in Japan or Korea liao. Hehehe.

Bubblemunche said...

Wow! So that's how you met the Boyfriend huh? Was it mentioned in your Xanga site? Keke, haven't read that part yet :P....

Oh, and I absolutely love You've Got Mail :)! Meg Ryan.... Haha.... I can't watch Couplings though, me no cable.

Yours Potatoly said...

OMG!! So sweet!! So cute!! Haha.. awwww!! :D

Fat Fingers said...

hehehe Jayaxe, yah you should do that. You never know! You might meet someone!

Bubbles, i don't think i mentioned it on xanga. cannot remember! hehehe

Yours starrily, hahaha yah so cute hee hee but my mama didn't find it cute nor sweet at first.. hohoho