Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I have to remind myself.. NEVER to travel with my sister's family again..
I was made to sleep at 10.30pm! I can't even watch the tv! Not even in the dark! Why? Because her 2 babies need to sleep! ARGH!

& I felt very out of place.. why? Because the whole of my Bro-in-law's family went too! ALL 16 of them! Yes 16!! ONE SIX! If i had known earlier if my sister had told me earlier.. i would have said no and stayed at home!

And to make things worse.. there were 6 smelly kids (including my 2 nieces).. smelly AND noisy! And one of Mini Me's cousin is always running around.. and he is so fast i can't catch him! When i was taking my nap, he was jumping on the bed! ARGH! You must be wondering why am i taking a nap! Well cos we had to wait for the rest of the people!

Sometimes, Mini Me would whine non stop in the car! She sat next to me.. and just kept whining non stop! It can last as long as 30min or maybe more!! It is worse when her cousin is around.. they will talk and laugh non stop!

My mum didn't enjoy herself as well.... we wanted to take a bus back on the second day!

& I was hoping to do more touristy stuff.. you know.. like walking around Stadthuys... but we didn't! We drove past like 59671 times but we never stopped there to take a look..

Anyway.. we did visit some interesting places.. like the Ostrich farm and orchard (It's called Art Acres. They don't have a website) and Jonker street.

I learnt a few things at the Ostrich farm and Orchard..
1. Bananas that grow upwards are poisonous
2. Ostriches love to do a "Threesome". That's how they mate them.. 2 female and 1 male in a pen.
3. Male Ostriches have black feathers and female ones have grey feathers
4. Ostriches have high sex drive.
5. Male Ostriches have BIG penises! They are so huge it's disgusting! I saw it when it was peeing!

It's too disgusting to show the Ostrich's penis.. so i am showing you it's arse hehe


Jayaxe said...

I'll try telling people that I'm like an ostrich. Hahaha.

Bubblemunche said...

I hate family road trips too :P! Bubblemunche is anti relatives, grrr....!!!

Haha, I didn't know that there're bananas that grow upwards! And goodness, you really took a picture of the Ostrich's 'brother'? MAUhuhuahuah :D!

cheeky said...

wait till you see one belonging to a horse, it's darn long. That's why some guys say they are a stallion in bed.

Fat Fingers said...

Hahaha i didn't take pic of its "brother"... i wanted to but it was too is really disgusting even the guys went.. EEEWWWW haha

i think next time you all should say you are like an Ostrich in bed... :D

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Yes, I saw a horse peeing once. It was really... mesmerizing. You know, mixture of awe and disgust.

FF said...

I wanna be a female ostrich.

Ha ha!


Indian Stallion said...

Excuse me there is nothing wrong with having a huge penis ok! God made me that way what you want me to do! Why do women discriminate against stuff like that?? Why!!!

littlecartnoodles said...

C'mon, Fingers. I'm sure you have some ostrich porn stashed away somewhere ... ...

Fat Fingers said...


Me? Porn? No way! :D

Indian Stallion... but sometimes too big.. very scary leh..