Saturday, December 04, 2004


i'm still tired from the D&D last night....

I took a cab there cos i was too tired after putting on the makeup and making sure i look pretty! and also i'm too hungry to walk to the train station.. so i took a cab there.. and the cab driver thought i was pretty and gave me a 30 cents discount! HAHAHAHA

Th D&D was quite fun and it was good to see all my COWorkers all dressed up.. some looked like prom queen though! hahaha. We also got to take some pics by some pro photographer. It's free! Well only one pic is free .. the rest will be $12 per pic! I knew there was a catch to it! They took 5 pics of me! 2 were so good so i had to get them!

One of my COWorkers (EK) and I were volunteered to go up to the stage to play a game. EK is the only guy in my dept..i think he is a gay.. or maybe a bi.. i asked him about it before but he just laughed it off.. The whole dept is always teasing us and EK loves to play along and calls me "Dear" in front of everyone. Anyway, last night, we were volunteered to go up to the stage to play the banana game! We had to eat the banana, from both ends... TWICE!! So we had lip contact twice!! It's not kissing.. it's LIP CONTACT!! Everyone was teasing us after that! Thank goodness we won the game! hohoho! We got a bunch of bananas!! And also..A Chanel eyeshadow palette.. so it's not too bad!! haha

The dinner was so so.. the food wasn't that great..

And i didn't win any lucky draw prizes! Argh! How can that be? Not even one from my table! It must be a conspiracy! They must have took out our numbers! GRRRRR
I so wanted to win the 3rd prize! Travel voucher to anywhere in the world + a eurorail pass! Some guy who has been with the co. for SIX MONTHS won it! ARGH!!

Yeah.. and Dick kept walking around trying to PR with everyone! Oh yes, he's sitting at another table cos ours was full! Lucky us!! And there was this part when the emcee was asking those who are dressed in saris to bring a gentleman up the stage.. so Dick went up with that bloody receptionist!! And they were supposed to dance and the guy must propose to the girl and the best performers will win. We were all prepared to laugh at Dick! Unfortunately, the stupid receptionist backed out and ran off the stage! Dick was so desperate to win some prizes that he kept trying to ask other girls to go up with him! hahaha!! But no one wanted to!!! HAHAHHA

Stupid DICK!! hhahahahaha

Yeah i left before midnight.. cos i want to avoid the midnight charges. The Q was so long i had to call for a cab... and the taxi driver told me he was looking out for an indian lady and didn't stop when i waved for the cab! Well.. my name sounds like an indian name.. many people asked me if i'm indian! Anyway, the taxi driver also thought i was cute and gave me a 10 cents discount and charged me $10! wahahahahahaa


Bubblemunche said...

Aiyah! I wish I was the one playing the banana game with you.... Kidding ;)!!

I bet you had a great time watching Dick running around trying to get someone up the stage with him :D!

Jayaxe said...

Fwah, your co. D&D damn happening. Play 'adult' games somemore! And I think Dick seems to be the clown of the night. Hahahaha.

Zen|th said...

Hmm.. Somehow I think that banana game is kinda obscene. Haha. =P

Fat Fingers said...

eat banana only.. why u all say it is obsence?? ;) hahaha
Yeah Dick was really annoying.. that's his usual self hehe