Monday, December 06, 2004

Gotta fake it again...

Tomorrow is Dick's last day at the office before he goes off for his month long holiday!! YAHOOOO!!

And he's going to buy us christmas lunch at.... NOOCH!! So cheapskate! He should bring us to some expensive steak restaurant!! I told my fellow Dick haters that we should pretend to want to pay for the lunch ourselves cos we all can afford it! muahahahahaha

I hate department lunches. I have to put on a fake smile and pretend to enjoy my food!!

I would like to tell Dick to save the money instead because buying us lunch will not make us change our opinion of him! He's still going to be Dick!! Plus.. we all know he's going to pay for it with his corporate AMEX card!

And then there's this fellow Dick hater who kept asking if we should buy a present for Dick and what if the rest buy something for him and we didn't and that would be embarrassing..


I told her not to waste good money on Dick.. cos he won't treat us any better.. he'll still be a dickhead.. and he's not going to give us a pay raise cos evaluation period is already over!

If they really do buy something for Dick and i am not sharing with them.. it will make me look bad. But if i do share.. i'm a hypocrite and i will be disgusted with myself! Giving must come from the heart.. how can i give him anything?? I cannot.. and i will not..
Anyway, i won't be there for long! So i don't care! hehehe

Yeah.. so if you happen to be at Nooch tomorrow and see this group of 12 ppl..It will be us. & That short balding guy with hairy arms is Dick.. and that beautiful girl with a fake smile will be yours truly. hehehe


Jayaxe said...

Hahaha! Maybe Nooch looks the most 'high class' amongst the cheaper restaurants! But I would say it's not that fantastic also.

Yeah, no need to buy present, I reckong. Dun care lah. But what's the diff between corporate card and normal credit card?

Zen|th said...

Nah. Don't bother to get him anything. Just sit back, and enjoy the free lunch. Haha.

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha yah i will try to enjoy the lunch. I will put on fake smile.. i'm quite good at it now.

Jayaxe, corporate cards are credit cards given to us by the company. So whatever Dick charges to his coporate AMEX, the company will pay for it!! It's not from Dick's pockets! hehe

Bubblemunche said...

Can I still leave comments in your blog please :(?

FF said...

Can I go?

Fat Fingers said...

FF, Can can! Please look out for girl with fake smile.

Bubbles, can lah can lah! :D Leave all the comments you want! hehehe :D

Jayaxe said...

He's stingy even if it's not his money?! I bet there must be a limit spending to it and that he used the remaining balance for his own expenses. Possible?

Bubblemunche said...

Yeah yeah yeah :D!

So did Dick did any dumb thing again during lunch? He didn't cry because he's sad at leaving you all lah hor ;)?