Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Late again!

Attended my friend's wedding dinner last night. It was supposed to start at 7.30.. but it started at 8.45! I was there at 7.20pm! WHY WHY WHY??

Everyone's telling me.. "Aiyah, no need to go so early lah. Everyone will be late!" .. Yeah, because everyone thinks this way that's why the dinner never starts on time! Maybe i should be late for my friends' wedding dinners in future.. hmmmm

Anyway, 2 of my friends couldn't make it! I was so lonely. I sat with a bunch of NUS people whom i find familiar but have never talked to them before. I am not good at starting conversations. But someone talked to me about Japan and it got me talking for quite a while hahaha. And one of my friends called me and told me she can make it and will be rushing down. I was so happy! It was so nice to catch up with her.

I only got to see the bride when she came over to take pics with us. I am so happy for her. Finally!

I rushed my dessert so i can come back home in time to talk to the boyfriend. Got a cab but the cab driver told me to wait for him a while cos he needs to go to the loo haha So i waited.. He gave me his word that he will be back and i gave him my word that i will wait for him and i did even though about 10 empty cabs suddenly appeared! Anyway the taxi driver was nice. He asked me to make sure i didn't leave anything behind when i was about to get out of the cab.

So tired..

Oh yeah.. and i got a Christmas card.. from.. the Vice President of my co?? It was sent to my home address.. Siao leh! Why not send to the office? So weird.

Yah.. so tired.. i hope to go in to work at a later time..but i doubt i can.. cos Dick will be calling us up to check on us! He called me yesterday morning. .and kept asking me if everything is ok! I told him yes but he kept asking. I think he cannot believe it that we can actually function without him! hahahaha


Jayaxe said...

I think, in future the office phone should be made to allow calls to re-direct to mobile phones.

Or that the office phone can be programmed to auto-answer and say something like (sounding busy) 'Eh boss, sorry no time to talk now!' then hang up. Tooot. Hehe.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I've sat at a table of strangers during wedding dinners too. It was horrible.

Bubblemunche said...

That makes three of us then. I felt so awkward throughout the dinner :P!

And oh, I've yet been to a Chinese wedding dinner that starts on time :P

Zen|th said...

Everyone has this mentality that "everyone will be late so I'll go late too". Sometimes I have that mentality too. Hahaha.

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe, that would be good hahahaahaha

LMD and Bubbles, yeah.. i never want to go through it again. I hope i don't have to....

Zen|th, it's ppl like you lor! hahaha actually i am like that sometimes also hehehehehehe :D