Thursday, December 30, 2004

Here Today.. Gone tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the last day of Streats... I will miss reading it. I will miss the uncle who distributes it too. I wonder if someone offered him another job... hmmm
I will miss reading
Janice Wong's articles too...


I went to the dentist today... & my dentist is no longer there! So they assigned a Doc. Leong to me... he is ok.. but not as good as my Dr. Tony Wong! I want Dr. Tony Wong! Apparently, he has set up his own practice..but where is it??

Dr. Leong never use any anaesthetic on my gums.. so it hurt a lot! And he said there was a cavity and it was hard to fill it but he did anyway.. and it was so painful! I almost cried! It is still quite painful. The hole is big so food gets stuck there all the time and now the gum is infected.. but he has fixed it for me.. but it is still painful... i almost wanted to ask him to just remove that tooth..

Plus.. he never used the prophy jet to clean my teeth! I love that! It's supposed to make my teeth whiter too! GRRR
I think he was rushing to knock off.. cos my appointment was at 5.30.. hmm and i finished by 6!

And Dr. Leong is not as young friendly and caring as Dr. Tony Wong.
Dr. Tony Wong will asked me if i am ok, and if it is painful.. and if i wanted him to stop.. what did Dr. Leong do? He kept drilling and scraping and doing whatever he was doing but never asked if it was painful. It was so painful that i made some noise.. but did he stop? Never! & He was using the Scalers to scrape off the deposits from my teeth.. and he scrapped the roof of my mouth accidentally.. wah.. so painful! I don't want to go back to that Dr Leong again..
I want my Dr. Tony Wong back! :(


I have just realised.. one of my friend has moved to Bangkok.. and i am not sure if he went to Phuket or the southern islands for a holiday.. I have not seen him online for the past few days.. i am getting worried... I hope he is ok.. I told him i have to meet him someday cos he looks so much like Ronan Keating..(except that he is fatter.. ) and i want to take pics with him . so i can bRuff my friends that i met Ronan Keating! hehehe ...
Justin, I hope you are safe... please be safe...

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