Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bored or Not??

What do 2 bored girls talk about when they are online?

* we speak engRish online most of the time.. it has become a habit.. i better cut down on it. In case you're wondering.. welly = very.

Fat Fingers: i welly bored
Friend : u don't pak tor with the bf on wkends?
Fat Fingers : u know hot or not? i rating ppl lor.
Fat Fingers : no. cos his bro at home. and he uses his pc. he cellar room no cable access
Fat Fingers : welly funny some ppl
Friend : it's fun leh
Fat Fingers : Hi all! I'm a 31 year old easy going guy living in Singapore, I love meeting new people. doing new things and experiencing life to the fullest. i think u meet this person lor
Fat Fingers :
Fat Fingers : how about this?
Friend : hahaha
Fat Fingers : i see the singapore girls sometimes.. aiyoh.. some so hiao
Fat Fingers : this one is decent lololo hohoho
Friend : sg girls are hiao mostly.
Fat Fingers : yah haha
Friend : hahahaha
Fat Fingers : so funny hor the pic
Friend: i think S's type.
Fat Fingers : hhaha
Fat Fingers : yucks
Friend : i give welly low scores.
Fat Fingers : haha i like to see the meet me section.. cos can see what they write
Friend : i like to watch korean series coz the girls welly trendy. they really dress up differently in every episode. sg actress only have like 3 sets of costumes and they repeat until the last episode.
Fat Fingers : hahahha
Fat Fingers : hi, this is lynn from singapore. im a good catch, so if u think im ur kinda girl........... hit me back.........latersssssss........
Friend : hot or not all ang moh one.
Fat Fingers : u go to
Fat Fingers : can customize
Fat Fingers : hi i'm lhanies. my picture might look a bit intimidating but im just posing...REALLY ...i do smile a lot more like dull
Fat Fingers : wah the breasts
Friend :
Friend : alot of angmohs in sg
Fat Fingers : yah lor. bored ang mohs
Fat Fingers : so hiao
Friend : sg girl like to use makeover pix..bluff people
Fat Fingers : yah lor haha
Friend : wah slut that one
Fat Fingers : olinda's fren
Friend : haha she want to meet her kind here
Fat Fingers : hehehe
Fat Fingers : EEEEE like pontianak
Fat Fingers : she thinks she is welly pretty
Fat Fingers : she is SPG. her key word got caucasian
Friend : she forgot to blot her face
Fat Fingers : hahaha
Friend : call herself a babe. bu yao lian
Fat Fingers : yah lor like real
Fat Fingers : wah so old still here
Friend : hahaha
Fat Fingers : ahahha i think the pic taken in the 80s is it?
Friend : so fat
Friend : hahaha put elva's pix
Fat Fingers : she also thinks she is welly pretty
Friend : alot hiao one
Fat Fingers : hahaha
Fat Fingers :
Friend : this one quite cute
Friend : hahaha the two men..
Fat Fingers : hahaha he looks like he was from checkers.. the jap band in the 80s
Fat Fingers :
Friend : wah the breast coming out
Friend : today i watch the repeat...zoe tay raised her hand and her armpit is dirty.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHA
Fat Fingers : really.. is very dark?
Friend : got dirty lines...not whole patch dirty
Fat Fingers : would u like to be his friend?
Friend : no.

..... yes... we are bored.. hehehehe
Actually It's quite fun looking at Hot or Not and rate people.. you might see someone you know!


I am waiting for my mama to come back from the Wedding Dinner of my childhood friend. Yes she didn't invite me but my mama! Well, that's cos we lost contact after we went to different schools.. I brought my mama to the Hyatt Hotel just now but i forgot to tell her which bus stop to go board the bus back.. And will she know how to walk to the MRT station??
I am a worry wart.. i worry on things like this! Yes yes, i know my mama is old enough and is smart enough to come home hehehe but i just can't stop worrying! Eh it is 11.30pm already! Why is my mama still not back yet? Must be because of those people who went late and caused the dinner to start late and thus end late! And there are about 8 wedding dinners going on at Hyatt today! Must be so crowded there.

And why is everyone getting married?? Because of all you people, my mama is asking me.. what is my plan and when is my turn!

And she was saying.. "Are you sure you want to marry the Gwailo?" i had to remind her that his name is not Gwailo.. I think she still cannot accept the fact that we are serious about each other. I have no time for games mummy.. when fate is here.. it's here! 缘分来了! Wooohooo!


Cyn said...

Thank you for your visit. :)

I think that doing exactly same things among whole over the world when people feel so boring.

miryclay said...

hahaha! the part about the is so hilarious and ultimate funny! i was so entertained!!! thumbs up man!

my good pal is also dating a gwailo and that's after just meeting up with him once in paris (the land of romantics) after being web friends for about close to a year.. and most asian parents share similar sentiments - are pretty conservative when it comes to having a gwailo as a son- or daughter-in-law!

so where does yours (the boyfriend) come from? ;)

Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh, the pics so damn funny! Haha, maybe I should go post my Eddy Neo pic up... must vote 'hot' for me ok? Muahahaha :D!

Keke, you just have to wait for a while more before The Boyfriend is back, then can go pak tor liao :D!

FF said...

I wanna marry a gwailo so my children will be beautiful.

cheeky said...

I'm mix blood also. Half hokkien and half cantonese.

Jayaxe said...

Eeeeeeeeeee! I'm having nightmares looking at some of the pictures!!

Anyway, you got put your own pic up? Hehehe.

Fat Fingers said...

Cyn-san : Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment :) Please come back again! :D

miryclay : I met the boyfriend in Bangkok! Land of er..a go go bars, girly boys, fake branded goods.. He's from the UK. We were web friends too. hehehe.

Bubbles : I will rate you a 10! Cos you have beautiful eyes :D Yah about 46 days to go!Yahoo!

FF : Yeah, the kids will be so beautiful! I told the boyfriend i hope our baby will have his eyelashes and my everything! cos he has such nice lashes! hahaha

Cheeky : HAHAHA You're so funny! I no mix blood. I am a pure cantonese :D

Jayaxe : Yah last time i put up for fun haha then a lot of psycho contact me so i removed. But my pic is decent one.. not like those u saw.. tsk tsk tsk.. these girls ah.. i hope their mama know what they are doing hohoho

Bubblemunche said...

Quote: "tsk tsk tsk.. these girls ah.. i hope their mama know what they are doing hohoho"

That is so funny :D!!!!

JanK said...

haha... thumbs up to your blog!! :)

Fat Fingers said...

HAHA Bubbles, i really hope their mama will get to see the pics they post! Aiyoh! How can like that?

JuZ FaCe iT : Thanks for stopping by and also thank you for the compliment! :D