Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The Christmas lunch today was great. Lots of games and food. It was especially fun towards the end when we had the gift exchange. The organiser came up with this brilliant plan... we will not get what we asked for.. but we can go choose any presents we want..
eg. #1 go pick a present..and open it..
and #2 can choose a present or "steal" #1's.
If #2 takes #1's present, #1 will go choose another present
when it's #3's turn, #3 can choose a "new" present or "Steal" # 1 or 2's and it goes on..
Once the present has been "stolen" 3 times, it will be dead and hence.. no one can steal it. Understand? So complicated, right?!

So anyway, i chose the book voucher cos i know someone wanted it too hohoho but the one who wanted it "stole" mine and so i went to choose another one.. and it was a Tangs voucher! Ok .. and then some idiot stole the Tangs voucher from me.. so now i can either choose or "steal" other presents. .so i "stole" the Kinokuniya voucher, again! And then another girl stole it from me! So i went to pick another present and it was another voucher but people kept stealing it from me! So i "stole" another COWorker's voucher.. and then someone "stole" it from me..AGAIN!! I was getting frustrated! GRRRR.. Never mind.. so in the end, i got another Tangs voucher after another round of "Stealing"! .... in the end, the organisers said... "OK.. this is just for fun, your gift will be the one the secret santa got for you" .. Ok.. my secret santa didn't get me the book voucher! Bloody hell.. i already said i wanted that and it's my FIRST choice.. ok lor.. never mind.. She gave me the Westlife - Allow Us to Be Frank CD.. which was what i wanted too. So not too bad!! It's quite good actually! I love them hehe

Then after the game, the bloody COWorkers kept laughing at me cos everyone was trying to steal my vouchers.. so i just laughed along.. but then they started to talk about me. like i am so mean to steal all the vouchers from everyone.. blah blah blah.. wei.. all of them also what! Why keep talking about me?? By that time i was so pissed off.. I mean... you can laugh at me .. but Why KEEP laughing at me.. it was like.."Yah yah.. Fat Fingers, you so MEAN blah blah blah.. " Wah lau.. why must use the word "MEAN"?? I wasn't mean what! & i don't find it funny.. not after the 43187th time!

Never mind.. wo ren.. I was getting fed up.. damn buay song.. but i kept quiet and plugged in my earphone and listened to the radio... and get on with my work.. that is piling up!!
Then they came and gave me the ice cream cake.. and it is COFFEE ice cream cake! ARGH! This time i got more fed up! Why why why? I don't like coffee! They are always saying.. "Oh, D can't eat chocolate.. so let's buy something else.. " Why can't they also say.. "Oh Fat Fingers hate coffee, let's get something else" WHY didn't they say that? Most of them know i hate coffee! Why? Never mind.. i told them i hate coffee and don't want any..
So Wo ren! and continued with my work and left at 5.15!!

When i reached home.. i realised there will be a reunion dinner today... the sister and her husband is coming back for dinner... never mind.. i don't talk much to them anyway..
Then dinner time came.... i had to do everything! Like lay the table etc etc etc.. I mean i don't mind doing it.. but i was just not in a good mood..and just wanted to be left alone.. Never mind.. Wo ren....

During dinner... the sister kept asking me where's the chilli sauce.. bloody hell! It must be in the fridge! Where else can it be?? If you want just go get it and stop asking me and expect me to take for you!! I told her to go get it herself.... and mama said she'll go get it.. i felt bad cos i didn't help out much today and she's already tired from all the preparation and cooking.. never mind.. wo ren. I went to take the chilli sauce!

I finished my dinner.. fast.. so i don't have to wash the dishes! But the sister was fast too! She said she is seldom here so i should wash the bowls for her and her husband! Wah Lau! Ok.. never mind.. wo ren! So i washed all the bloody bowls in the sink...

Then when i was about to finish.. the other sister came and gave me her bowl! ARGH!
This time i am si beh du lan! But never mind.. wo ren!

Then while i was about to go brush my teeth.. the second sister came and jokingly said.. "Wah today.. someone washed all the bowl ah?"
This time i cannot ren already.. i broke down and cried and went to to loo and brushed my teeth there....

Now i look back and i think i am quite childish? hmmm not sure.. but... i was so just annoyed then!! So many annoying things in a row!

It is just so ARGH! You know what i mean?

And sometimes i feel guilty for being angry with everyone! ARGH! Then i get angry at myself! Double ARGH!

Oh yeah.. There will be another office Christmas party this friday! I shouldn't have said i'm joining this party. Cos there will be lots of ppl i don't know and don't like! And.. i have to buy a present for the exchange! i am so broke now! I hope everyone will buy something nice so no one will go back with presents that they will recycle next year! I will buy something nice tomorrow!

Oh yeah, i will collect the Battle Royale book tomorrow! Looking forward to reading it!


Jayaxe said...

I understand what you talking, the gift exchange idea is quite innovative! Not like the usual exchange only. Hehe.

Ai yoh, how come your sisters so bad one? Lucky no one really dare to treat me like that, otherwise I'll change my 'face colours' (Lian Se)!!

sari said...

That sounds exactly like the Christmas Fear Factor!! They get to choose and steal gifts too!! LoL interesting but what an anti-climax when you said its just a silly game!! .. I can put myself in yr shoes and I know I can ren as well as you! I would have started yelling at that sis for sure!! If you seldom come, then wash the blardy bowl for me!! Wat the hell yeah.. cant tahan. I hate to do the dishes!!

Fat Fingers said...

yeah.. when you are the youngest in the family, you always get bullied! grrrr
ah well..

yah the game was very fun actually..

Bubblemunche said...

Poor Fingers! You really 'ren' a lot yesterday! Bubblemunche is proud of your 'ren-ness' :D!

Sometimes my colleagues also very mean... they go to Thai and Indian restaurants for lunch when everybody knows I don't take chili! Argh!!! I'm gonna poison the curry one day, keke....

Hang in there! And oh, last week's copy of 8 days also have the Kino 20% voucher, can use for your BR book :)!

FF said...

Lol, i completely understand about your sister. My youngest sister is as obnoxious as hell! Cannot stand her, so I can't be bothered with her.

Fat Fingers said...

HAHA Bubbles, thanks! I already have FOUR Kino Koopoon! woohoo

FF, yah, sometimes i try not to bother about them.. but they always think that being the youngest i should just do it without any compRains! My mama expect that from me too..so it can be so frustrating sometimes! grrr hehehe

kelawar kilat said...

U shd have an online contest.
Be the first to guess correctly how many times "wo ren" was mentioned and u get to win a prize!
Oh no, no one gets to steal it from you.

Chill, chill.

ningx said...

wah kao.
why you cry?
scold your sister mah!!!
you know my brother laughed at me yesterday then i also ren very very long then in the end i slammed everything really loudly then go close my door really loudly wahahahaha. then i block him on MSN.
i know lah, very childish. hahahaha
(actually its alright to cry. damn you can smack me now)
I hope you enjoy the BR book and get a very nice present for the next meeting! :D:D

Fat Fingers said...

HAHAHA! Kelawar kilat, thanks for dropping by! hehehehe

Ningx, HAHA You are so cute! I am a crybaby. When i get angry, i cry... And i cannot scold my sisters. If i scold them, there will be a big fight.. which i have no energy for.. very tiring..