Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I am so annoyed!!

I got a reply from the uni today regarding my application.

Dear applicant,

We have a copy of subjects you took at GCE 'A' Level which do not include English and there is no proof of a pass of English language at 'GCE' 'O' Level. The general paper does not replace the GCE 'O' Level in English and if you do not have one then you'll have to take an acceptable English language qualification, like the ones mentioned in your offer letter, before your offer can be made unconditional.

What is wrong with my GCE 'A' Level - General Paper? Why can't they use my GP grade since 'A' Level is one level higher than the 'O' level? And i did attach my O level cert to the application form!! They must have lost it!

I will have to figure out how to use the canon copier to scan the cert into my pc! so annoying!


Anyway..on a happier note.. Dick is not in the office today! WOOOHOOO! We all had such a great time and today is the start of the secret santa thingy.. I arrived at the office to see a Christmas ornament on my table and a note that says "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" Wonder who's that hehehe.

And i had to ask my COWorkers to give me a call when the person i'm giving it to is not at her desk. It was quite fun.. everyone being so secretive haha. Some people got breakfast..and one of my fellow Dick haters had a gross looking pc of curry puff..

After lunch, i came back and found a note on my chair.. it says "Please check your "Music" folder in the shared drive". My secret santa has the Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason Soundtrack and copied it into my folder so i can listen to it! Yahooo!! How nice! I asked for that in my wish list too!

Wonder what i will get tomorrow hmmm... I'm gonna give the girl "5 stones" tomorrow. Remember this game? It's one of my favourite games when i was a kid! :)


Jayaxe said...

I also played 5 stones with the gals when I was in secondary school! Haha.

Did you guys actually play the Santa game because Dick wasn't around?

Zen|th said...

Hmm.. That Santa game seems pretty fun. And yeah, are you guys playing it because Dick is not around? He'd probably make a fuss if he found out you guys were playing. Haha.

Bubblemunche said...

Argh!! Why the so dumb one?!? The GP is harder than 'O' level English what.... Hope everything will work out fine!

And yah! The Santa thingy sounds fun! I played a round of 'Guardian Angel' during my Sec school days, very funny :D!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I rawk at 5 stones!!!

cheeky said...

still remember hantam polar. that game rocks. but my legs last time too short, cannot run fast, always get hit.

Fat Fingers said...

Even if Dick is around, i'm sure we will still play this secret santa thingy and he might play it with us too! He was there when we did the draw hehe. He felt left out i think.. could see it on his face hohoho!

Cheeky, I like hantam bola too and i always got hit on the legs!