Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lucky Day!

I met some of my COWorkers for breakfast at 8.15am this morning.. We were targetting to reach the office by 9am before Dick calls us. Dick wants us to report to work at 8.30 even though our official time is 9!

And the moment i logged on to my PC.. Dick called me.. and asked me how i was.. ..if there is anything that i should tell him blah and if i have read the email from the planner! I haven't even checked my mails yet.. so i pretended and said lots of Yes, yes, yes.. and quickly logged on to my email!

While working halfway through the morning. .at about 10.30.. there was a strong smell of... GLUE! I was getting a bit high too actually.. and getting a bit dizzy.. There are some renovations going on at the same floor.. and we all couldn't take the smell anymore and went downstairs to get some fresh air. Office Viper quickly volunteered to inform Dick about it! I was hoping Dick would call and not find anyone in the office. I would love to see him go mental wondering where everyone is! Muahahaha

The ang moh VP went up to talk to the HR mgr who came and told us that they have already told the contractors to stop but the smell will still be there.. We can go for a one hour break and if the smell is still strong then and we are uncomfortable, we can go home!

So we left at about 11.30 and headed off to NYDC at the Heereen. It was so nice! Watching to world pass by while everyone had to work! Muahahahaa

Bumped into my hairstylist.. and my hair was so messy! Argh! And bumped into my ex JC classmate. She was really nice to me.. always letting me copy her accounts homework! hahaha! She's organising a class reunion soon! And she updated me about what's going on with the rest.. well seems like quite a few has got married and one has just given birth! I can't wait to meet some of them!

And tomorrow my ex boss and some ex COWorkers wants to come to the store to do some shopping.. and i have to entertain them. .and also cos they want staff discount! Well.. i hope they won't take too long to browse. But it will be nice to meet them again. Sometimes i feel a bit awkward talking to my ex boss.. She asked me how i am... sometimes i want to tell her Dick sucks and i really enjoyed working with her.. but i worry that she will laugh at me behind my back and tell everyone things like "See, who asked her to quit? She did so well here and now she gets all these.. blah blah blah" ..She actually did this to one of my ex subordinate. And she was extremely upset that i left shortly after she promoted me... I still feel a bit guilty for doing that to her...


Jayaxe said...

Alamak, this ex-boss sounds better than Dick, how come you left that job? But you can't really blame her if she wonder why you quit after you complain about Dick. Hehe.

Fat Fingers said...

yah she was a good boss.
I quit cos i wanted to see the world. That was my first real job and i was getting bored ...I will have good prospects if i stayed on... but that would make it harder for me to leave.. so i quit when Dick wanted to hire me. Dick was nice.. till i saw his true colours! GRRR.

But my current work environment (minus Dick) is not too bad. More freedom...but ego boost is not so much... hehehe

Bubblemunche said...

Haha, don't worry too much! Less than a year from now, and you'll be a carefree student again :D!

FF said...

More importantly, I'm sure the pay is higher at your current job ritey ho??

Zen|th said...

So did you go home after the 1 hour break? Glue sniffing is harmful so I would have just used that as an excuse to go home if I was you. Hahaha.

Fat Fingers said...

yeah pay is higher! hehehe

I left at 11.30am yesterday! So shiok!