Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Don't be rude!!

Nothing much to write about Dick today hehehe cos he's busy in his room writing our appraisal! He's been very quiet...so that's good! As long as he doesn't open his mouth, we're all happy with him!

But i've got lots to write about this idiot lady from HKG! She writes the rudest email to me! It's full of "?????" and "!!!!!" What's up with that??

To me.. more than 2 "??" and "!!" are considered rude! No more than 2 please!!

I hate reading her emails.. cos it gives me the feeling that i'm being blamed for everything!! It's not me.. well... sometimes it's not me!! And if they need help, why can't they just ask properly and nicely instead of saying things like.. "We have no stock!!!! Can you please check and let us know??? We are losing sales!!!! Why is it like that? It is YOUR duty to make sure blah blah blah.. We CANNOT continue like this!!!! Please check and EXPLAIN!!!!" Yes, she types in CAPS too! I don't think i'm being too sensitive.. cos i showed her emails to my COWorkers and they think she sounds very unfriendly and rude.. grrr

Ta ma de!!

I don't think i'm doing my job badly! & I take pride in my work!

I was really tempted to tell her this yesterday.. "Dear "Bloody rude woman", I can understand your frustration and i know that such things annoy you.. as much as your "!!!!!" annoys me. " But i didn't.. i was really polite and suggested ways to help her solve her problems.. and her reply today was damn bloody rude again!!


I was so annoyed.. and answered her questions... politely...but i think my reply made her look stupid! But it's really that simple! I can find no other ways to explain things to her.. So anyway, i've replied and i hope not to hear from her again..

And what makes it more annoying is that.. she has the same name as me! And her surname is the same as my chinese surname! So it's like scolding myself when i'm scolding her! GRRRR


Bubblemunche said...

You're very professional! Love your style ;)

AlTERnatiVEly, If yoU WAnt TO PiSs HER OfF YOu CaN tYPe ThiS KinD oF rEpLy TO hER :P....


FF said...

Bubble has a very good suggestion. Haha.

I suggest you just keep your cool. Sometimes people from a different country type differently. My boss is the nicest person but his emails are always full of !!!

For eg.
Hi FF, please send this quotation to this customer!!!!!
What does the customer mean FF????!!!!!

So brush it off. They don't know email etiquette. :) But you do.

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha Bubbles! THat's a veRy gOOd sUgGestIon! HoW aM i dOInG?

FF, yes, i try to keep my cool. .that's why i come back and vent by blogging hehe.
Yeah i guess maybe that's the way she write.. but sometimes it's the way she phrase her emails.. I very buay song.... but i can't be rude to her..and i'm more buay song! hehe

Bubblemunche said...

Actually I find typing in those differing caps real tiring :P!

Haha, if you can keep your cool in the face of chaos, opposition and rude emails, you'll eventually earn the respect of all :)

Jayaxe said...

Hahahaha. Your Hongkong double!

Yah, anyway I think they do not care about email etiquette like what FF said. Maybe you can give a subtle hint by replying with double or triple the amount of '!' and '?' back to her.

If she reply with even more, then you simply send a whole email with nothing but '!' and '?'. Hehehehe.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Hahaha! Scolding yourself!! So funny!

But Hongkongers in general do have a very brusque manner about them.

littlecartnoodles said...

Many HKers think less of Singapore ... a little like how some Singaporeans think of Kuala Lumpur.

But put yourself in her shoes. She probably lives in a shoebox that costs a bomb and her outstanding mortgage is more than what the place is worth. She has to fight thousands of people daily for a seat on the MTR, a seat at the noisy lunchplace ...

Don't lose your cool with her. Be firm and be professional.

Fat Fingers said...

Noodles, thanks. I'm very polite to her in the emails.. but sometimes i feel so misunderstood it's frustrating!

But i am glad because most of the Hong Kongers i work with are nice people...