Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Our Camel List...

I was watching the Opening of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games on BBC2... and there was a part where they zoomed in on Australia's Prime Minister John Howard....and he reminded me of Dick! They look somewhat alike!


Sometimes Dick still traumatize me in my dream! Not sure if i blogged about this.. but there was once.. i dreamt that he stole my jacket and tried to sell it! GRRRR!! So i gave him a piece of my mind! I told him what a cheapskate he was and my jacket wasn't even worth much and why was he even trying to sell it??? HAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, when i woke up, i felt damn shiok! I have always wanted to scold him right in the face but sometimes i just can't.. dunno why.. but i can always do it in my dream! And i think the reason why he appears in my dream is because my ex COWorkers have been updating me about his stories....

Dick is in our (Mr Fat Fingers and I) camel list. This is the list where we will put down the names of the people we hate and they will be raped by camels infected with AIDS! haha!! Mr Fat Fingers is in charge of this list. He has helped me put in the names of my flatmates in the list too.. and recently he has added the 500+ annoying people in Sainsbury's who got in his way!! LOL!

That's what we do when we're annoyed.. put people on the "camel list" .. laugh about it and then try to forget about it.. but Dick has been there for a long time already... hohoho Cannot help it leh. He is really annoying....even till now.. 7 months after i left the company hahaha! Maybe i should just tell my ex colleagues to stop updating me about him.. but if we don't, we will have not much to talk about anymore! hahahahaha

Ok i have to go back to my essay.. a thousand more words to go.. if only writing an essay is as easy as blogging..... :D


ollie said...

Hahaha.. I thought for a moment you thought the dream was real, and went up to him and scolded him. Sometimes my dreams are so real that I end up crying and talking in my dreams. Scary. Haha..

limegreenspyda said...

oh. the commonwealth games opening was such a let down. *embarrassed* the queen must've been bored to tears.

g'luck with your essay/project progress!

MyOrangeSweater said...

I think you might have to go for therapy, to get Dick out of your mind once and for all!! ;)

sari said...

Oh I missed you complaining bout Dick, hahahhaha!!! and I actually think the Commonwealth games opening was really goooooood... fireworks and all!!!!

Fat Fingers said...

ollie: hahaha i wish it's real.. cos i really would love to scold dick! hahaahaha

spyda: haha i hope the Queen will be more excited when she's in Singapore!

Lynne: yah i think so.. maybe i should. hmmm

sari: oh u do? haha maybe i should write some dick stories LOL

kachuaz said...

wah lau eh

Dick is history. heck him mah~~~

btw, Man Utd just won against West Brom 2-1

glory glory man united ~~~~~

haha..i'm gonna get killed 1 fine day