Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Grrrr I am so annoyed!!!!

I have a mini group project due this friday. Well the data compilation is a group project but the report is an individual piece of work.

We (3 of us) were supposed to discuss and write about some description for our data.. and we were supposed to do it as a group work... I called for a meeting but one of us, refused to meet up because he thinks it is a waste of time and he just wants to get the report over and done with. And he insisted that we not meet and discuss through email! ANd it is hard cos one of us do not have internet access at home!!!!! Grrrrrr

So fine. I've decided to do it on my own!

And today, the tutor said, the data compiliation that we did should be standardised among group members! And so that idiot said ok and told me we should meet tomorrow!

See lah! I told you so! I told you to meet earlier but what did you say??? You said it is a waste of time! And now because of YOU i have to waste my time and drag my ass down to the lab tomorrow just to meet you and the other one to discuss about it when i could have stayed at home and finish my report!!!

And the most annoying thing is, i have done my stuff.. and they all asked if they could use mine, (IF I DON'T MIND) cos it would be a waste of time to do it again.

Wah lau eh! Of course i mind lah!!!!
I spent the weekend doing it and now u tell me this!

And now i have no choice but to share it with them because i don't want to waste any more time waiting for these people to do their work! The report is due on friday!!! I want to finish it on Thursday!

And i am also annoyed because we are "Stuck" as a group. There's 9 of us in the class and everyone is like already in a "permanent" group so it is hard for me to join another group! And i think the next part of this module is another project!!! I just hope it is an individual project. It is people like that idiot that makes me hate group work. I prefer to work alone!!!!

I work well in a group but i work better when i'm working alone!!!! Cos i only have to deal with myself and not with idiots and dick heads!



Zen|th said...

Hahaha. The challenges of working with others. That used to happen to me all the time back in poly.

OLLie said...

It seems that this kinda thing happens everywhere. When I was doing my project work back in jc, there was this guy who claimed all the credit by pretending he did a lot of stuff in front of the tutor when in reality he did nothing at all. The stupid tutor believed him and gave him higher marks!

I was so damn freaking pissed that I could have throttled him there and then if he was around when I saw the marks.

barneysaurus said...


Haha, not exactly the same, but very similar lah.... Wish I can hynoptise them to queue up for a good round of bitch-slapping by me, heh heh :P....

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

That sucks! Give him the umbrella up the ass treatment!

vandice said...

Peace fingers... Alwiz happens in school lah... I like to think mebbe I learn more cos I did the real work y'know?

P.S.: Been following your blog for quite some time now. I have my suspicions you're actually a very nice and accomodating person in real life just letting off steam online cos its difficult being you all the time...

And no, I seriously doubt you have fat fingers...

kookabaru said...

wah this kind of pple is irritating. I would be tempted to give him a lashing but I guess you can't cos you're too nice.

Fat Fingers said...

Zen|th / Vandice: Yah always happen.. but i cannot stand it when it happens to me! haha! These people should be allowed to work in groups!!!! and yeah i learn more from doing the work. i just hope i get more marks though LOL!

Ollie: that guy ought to be slapped! grrr

barneysaurus: haha that would be great!! If you master that, please teach me!!!!!

LMD: problem is i think that guy might enjoy the umbrella ass treatment.. hmmm

kookabaru: i would love to but i can't. I'd be seeing this person a lot. so not so nice....

The Princess said...

I know what you mean. Well, you can try to be a little nasty. I know I will do this if it happened to me: Tell them how unfair it is to use your work, so next time when there's a group project, you insist that everyone meets up and do it together. Or else, you are going to tell your tutor that you will form a new group which comprises of you, yourself, and you! Sometimes a dose of attitude will earn some respect from these weaklings, hehe.

Suvy said...

a university educations does not merely supply you with a degree of your choice but also helps you develop people management skills :P

good luck with the group. at the end of the day, you'll find that you'll have to do whatever it takes to get things done. and if you find it a really big problem with these morons, you could always bring it up with your supervisor.