Friday, February 10, 2006

Quick Fix Chicken Rice!

I have been craving for chicken rice!!

After reading Ah 9's latest post and seeing pics of my favourite chicken rice stall... i really couldn't stand it no more!

I called Mr. Fat Fingers and told him to remember to buy a chicken in 6 weeks time.. cos i'll be there during Easter! And we have to cook chicken rice!

ANyway, today i couldn't take it no more.. and steamed some chicken... And ate it with the chilli sauce that Mr. Fat Fingers made for me! His chilli sauce is really good ok! Made from chicken stock, lots of ginger, garlic and chillies!

So happy! & i am so looking forward to Easter!! 6 weeks to go!!

Another piece of happy news : I passed my exam! I thought i screwed it up.. but my Assignments helped pull up my marks so i got a pass! And I got a merit and 2 distinctions for the other modules! Yahooo! Happy!!!!!!


OLLie said...

Congrats!! I love to eat the chicken rice I cook too. But I'm a lazy girl so I don't cook that often. Haha..

kookabaru said...

oh my.. chicken rice! I feel so deprived in uk.

Fat Fingers said...

ollie: in Singapore no need to cook chicken rice. just go out and buy can liao! haha! how i wish there is a chicken rice stall here! aaah!

kookabaru: my quick fix chicken rice is easy..rub salt on chicken, add chinese wine and steam it! But you will need to have the chilli sauce.. that one need blender to make and is troublesome hehehehehe

ivan said...


must publish the recipe for the chili... tried doing chicken rice... but w/o the chili it's too normal liao...