Monday, February 20, 2006


My inconsiderate flatmate is trying to kill me...and it is not the first time!!!

She is cooking in the kitchen...and she left her pot unattended...
And i could smell the burning smell of carbon from my room!!!
Her room is just next to the kitchen and my room is next to hers!

What's wrong with these people?

Last week, she or maybe it was another flatmate.. but i know it's either of them! (i did some detective work haha) left her shit in the toilet again. I tried to flush it away but it can't! It's gross!
And i have been watching lots of "You Are What You Eat" on Ch4 and i know what's a good poo and what's a bad poo! And hers is definitely bad!!!! and smelly!! That person should change her diet! Eat more fruits and vegetables! Not pizza all the time! Fibers are good for you!!!!
Oh yes, Dr Gillian said a good poo is when you have to wipe your ass 3 times or less! If you have to keep wiping it then it is bad! I bet that person had to wipe likle 394820482 times!!!!! grrrrrr

Anyway, I was so annoyed i wanted to knock on their doors and asked if they left something in the toilet! But i didn't cos i was rushing to go to class! Bloody cbs!

And i'm feeling sick now cos the smell of the burning pot is really filling up the whole flat! i turned down the fire for her.. but i guessed she turned it up again! What the hell is wrong with these people??????

Ok ok.. i must calm down... contract will end in mid jun. i will never get to see any of them (i hope!) after that! And i wil be away for a month in April.. so that's only like.. 14 weeks! I think i can deal with that! Grrrr... Hopefully i'll still be alive then!


FatBoyLee said...

I'm guessing you can't talk to them about it?

Ah well, horror flatmates.. I once saw this blog just about that.. now, if only I can find the address to share it with you..

Oh, and good luck with staying with them till the end of your contract. :)

Dan said...

did they leave leftover in rice cooker till they turn into wine? or leave dishes in the sink till maggots grew on the food remains?

well, my horrigible bro did that to his housemate. no actually both he and his housemate are birds of same feather.. lazy until no medicine can save. hai~

OLLie said...

I bet now you wanna kill your flatmates instead of Dick. Super gross la. The shit stuck in the toilet bowl. Ew ew ew..

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

i watched the "You Are What You Eat" too. Is your housemate obese? Oh mine! It is so super disgusting living with these people. Actually we are off the same boat too, you have 14 weeks more, i am moving out of my apartment in 8 weeks day!!! let's count down together babe! This apartment that i am staying in giving me Rashes now!

Fat Fingers said...

fatboylee: yah i try not to talk them cos once one of them told me .. "what is the big deal??" when i told her to try keep the kitchen clean! so i don't enjoy talking to them!!

dan: thank goodness they are not as bad as your bro! hahahaha i guess i should appreciate my flatmates more huh?

ollie: yah they are gross.. but i still would like to kill Dick hahahaha well not really now but he's still in my list of annoying people!! hee hee

spellbound : they are not obese but i think their diet is bad.. cos their sai not so good hahahaha. Wah 8 Weekdays! that's fast! hope your new apt will be cleaner and nicer for you!

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

noooo! sorry, is 8 weeks (2 months). I have not been sleeping well....

*feeling blur blur*