Saturday, February 18, 2006

Too Funny!!!

Today's my mama's birthday!
Mr. Fat Fingers and I have ordered a cake for her from a shop in Singapore. Actually it's a home business... anyway...
I let Mr. Fat Fingers do all the work ie. ordering and confirming the delivery time as I have been busy..

So Mr. Fat Fingers asked me what's my mama's name and how many candles they would need etc..

And you know.. in the ang moh world... It's always the name first followed by the surname, but in Singapore, it's the surname first followed by the name...

So this afternoon, my sister texted me to tell me the cake was really good and they all had good laugh because... the person wrote "Happy Birthday, (mum's name) (mum's surname)!" ... and it sounds like the name of a PRESERVED VEGETABLE in Cantonese!

LOL!!!!!!!!! (i'm not gonna put my mama's name here! hehe)

It's too funny! Mr. Fat Fingers and his mum laughed so much that they had to hold on to each other for support! hahahaa

How dare he! hahahha Calling my mum a preserved vegetable! LOL!
It's so funny cos my mum is erm.. not young anymore!! HAHAHAHAH and calling someone her age... a PRESERVED vegetable is really too damn funny!!!


Am i'm glad my mum was not offended in any way! hahaha And when i read that text my sister sent me, i can imagine my bro-in-law chuckling and laughing away and making silly jokes out of it! LOL! hahahaha Oh God! I miss them so much! I wish i was there to join in the laughter!!! Hahahahaha!!


Jayaxe said...

Haha, maybe that could help in boosting the relationship between the 2 families huh? But that was nice of you two to actually order all the way from UK!

Jacob said...

this somehow reminds me of a game we used to play in secondary school involving parent names. hahaha.

Suvy said...

yeahhh it was so sweeet of you to order the cake all the way from UK. hmmm preserved veg? is her surname Choi? well i guess it all depends... are you all hokkien, teo chew or cantonese? hehehehhehe

Jacob - is that the game where you use maiden names and middle names to concoct your "porn" name?

OLLie said...

Aiyoh.. But so funny la. Hahahhaa.. I think your Mom would have been so pleased even though her name sounded like a perserved veg. :D

Jacob said...

suvy, no la. not so chim la our game. hahah

Fat Fingers said...

how to play the game?? someone please give me an example? hehe

Suvy, I am a cantonese! :D

vandice said...

Harm Choi Gont? OMG!!! Stay too long in Ang Mo land liao. It (as in First Name-Last Name) happened to me recently too.