Thursday, February 23, 2006


I just got some SkypeOut credit! So i called home today and talked to my family! And it only cost me 22p (SGD0.60!) for 20min of conversation!! That's cheap!

My sister asked me how's my flatmates and i told her about the "foaming" beans and she laughed...and said... "Remember when you said your flatmate refused to share and get the detergent to clean the floor? How come she is using detergent to wash her vegies?"

Hmmm yah hor!
Why huh?
My flatmate told me there is no need to get any detergent to clean the kitchen floor because we can just use water! (i think i blogged about this before.. hmm)
But of course, if you've studied science before or have any common sense, water does not mix with oil!!!!

So yeah... i don't know why she refused to use detergent to clean the floor but use detergent on her vegies?? -_-"

And i was thinking.. no wonder she is so small and skinny..... she is not getting nutrients from her fruits and vegies cos she has washed it away with the detergent!!!


And today there are some "fresh" shit stains on the toilet bowl again!!! And it cannot be flushed away because... it's above the part where the water will flow down when you flush it! Grrrrr I tried to clean it with the toilet brush but it's already "hardened" and i need to scrub real hard but i just can't bring myself to do it.. so i gave up!!!

That person should seriously consider changing her diet. No one should have shit like this!!! argh!! GRRRR

I hope that person will be constipated till June (when our contract ends) hahaha so that the toilet can stay clean!!!! Even if that person does shit, it will be hard and will not splash all over the bowl! Muahahahahahaahha!!!!!!


OLLie said...

Eeyer. If she constipates, she'll get bad breath. You better don't talk to her if she ever constipates. Normal people constipates already get terrible bad breath. What more her shit so gross. Bad breath will definitely be even stink-ier!

lexriel said...

She's poisoning herself......

defy angel said...

It's totally disgusting. I prob puke while scrubbing the shit stain! The person who did that is totally no manners one!!!How can like dat one!