Saturday, February 11, 2006


Why do we make such a big fuss about Vday? It's pathetic that we have to have one whole day to show our love!! Can't we celebrate love everyday instead of just Feb 14? And the Singles who mope about being alone on Vday...Why don't they do that everyday instead?? Actually.... being Single (under the age of 30) is not a bad thing! hehe!

Mr. Fat Fingers and i are not going to celebrate Vday cos we are not going to fall into the traps of the evil retailers and what have you out there!


At, Vday is not about being lovey dovey and all cuddley and cute and stuff like that! It's about showing PASSION!!! Yes, "passion" for your (ex) boss...
So i wrote a poem for Dick! Actually i got the idea from Dilbert Blog lah! hahaha! It's so great to see that there are so many people who have so much passion for their bosses! Anyway, here's one.. for Dick!

I call you Dick
Because you love to bootlick!

You think you're Hitler
But you know what? You are a LOSER!

You're in the office whistling all the time
That is such a crime!

You make us do all the work
While you get all the perks!

If you were a president, you'd be George Bush
Just like him, you should be shushed!

You're sprouting nonsense all the time
You'll do better with a mime

And we all know you have a bunion
Because your face is like a pickled onion!

Happy Valentine's Day, you *bald hairy man
You're better off, being a dustpan!

*Dick is balding.. but has hairy arms..and really long and messy eyebrows!!


duNa_ said...

haha. this is a really good one

Jayaxe said...

Haha, I can't believe you actually dedicated a poem for the ex boss for V-day!! If I were Mr Fat Fingers, I'd so jealous man!!

Fat Fingers said...

thanks duna_!

Jayaxe : we don't celebrate Vday.. so i can write poems to Mr. Fat Fingers any day! :D hehehe

lonelychinesegal said...

I think I will be dateless this valentine's !! Gonna mope around at home with my dear mum after work !

OLLie said...

Ya, I agree totally and whole-heartedly man! V Days make me feel so depressed. *mumbles to self* I'm not pathetic, I'm not pathetic *mumbles to self*

OLLie said...

I meant, totally and whole heartedly agree. Too excited just now. Haha..

Mirebella said...

OOOh.. a sentiment I share ... good on you . Think Valentine's day was created by a male species to let them off the hook for the other 364 days left on the calendar ;-)

Fat Fingers said...

Ollie / littlemissscared : stop moping!! Feb 14 is just another day! So be happy lah! And you all are still young! Vday is just to cheat money out of couples who are blinded by love and are willing to spend lots of money on just one meal and flowers that die after a few days!! hahahaha

mirebella : yah lor! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

wahaha..brilliant. but so far, it's always people complaining about bosses. What about bosses complaining about their subordinates?

My sister always slacks at the big-time company she works in and was even caught several time using skype while working!

FatBoyLee said...

I so agree with Fat Fingers. IF you're in love, show it everyday.. and your poem is really funny la! haha.

my alter ego said...

eh hee hee hee,

you really outdid yourself this time.

Mirebella said...

Happy Hallmark Day FFingers - have a good one yeah.

limegreenspyda said...

crikey! can't believe you just wrote a "pome" to dick!!

anyways, CONGRATS!! on passing the exams! the html and java and whatnot code must really be starting to grow on you, eh? :D

hang in the for the chicken rice! with lovely ginger and sweet thick black sauce! at easter!

defy angel said...

I carn believe it! The poem is so funny!
Why dun u send Dick a card with the poem inside?
hahaha I think he will go and commit suicide. hahaha

Fat Fingers said...

cemel: that's true.. not a lot of people complain about their staff.. i wonder if Dick has a blog.. hmmmm haahaha

fatboylee/mirebella/my alter ego : thank you!! :D

Spyda: yah.. the chicken rice! ooh yeah!!! but now i have craving for chilli crab...actually i just like the gravy hahaha

defy angel: thanks! and you know. your sentence rhymes! hahahahaahha

vandice said...

You really 'love' your boss.

Minor nitpicking. Hitler was a loser, in every sense of the word. Perhaps it'll be betta with "That's why you're a loser."

Me know super late. But couldn't resist!

Fat Fingers said...

haha i know what u mean.
but Dick thinks he can rule the "world" that's why i said hitler :D and it rhymes with loser hehe