Monday, February 27, 2006

The Countdown Begins!!

Next month, this time, i would have started on my job attachment!!! I wonder how it will be like. The working hours are kinda long 9 to 6! But it's ok! I'm so excited! I hope i'll get along well with everyone and there are no Dick Heads in the office.

Oh yeah.. i don't know what's wrong with me.. but... everytime i see the tube map on my desk, i get excited! hee hee!!!!! I'll pick it up, look at it... find the station nearest to the office and just smile! LOL! I'm crazy! But i'm excited!!



ollie said...

Haha.. You are so cute. If I were you, I'll be damn worried -- whether the people will be nice or not. I'm a worrier. Haha..

kookabaru said...

i hate working! haha.. but you seem so excited. hopefully it'll be fun for you!

serendipity said...

i am always excited at the prospect of a job awaiting me, but after a while you'll get jaded.

keep up the spirits!!!! perhaps you would love the job more than you think. =)

Fat Fingers said...

Ollie: I'm a worry wort too! But i don't know why i'm more excited than worried this time! hahahaah

kookabaru: yah i hate working too..sometimes! hehehee thanks!

skybellzz: yeah after a while i might just get tired of it.. but i hope not! I really would love to have a job that i really enjoy!!!