Sunday, February 05, 2006

There are days...

.... when I feel I am invincible! & I can do anything and everything is possible!!!!

and then there are days where i felt really discouraged.... and i feel I can never accomplish what I want to do...

And then there are days when you felt so discouraged and suddenly something so good happened that the feeling of discouragement disappears almost immediately!

This happened to me two fridays ago. I have never felt so discouraged before... i think.
I couldn't find a job attachment for my job attachment module, the company i went to have an interview with had problems releasing their data to be cos of confidentiality issues... and the lecturer-in-charge of that module is the most boh-chup person I've ever met. He never replies any of the emails we sent him. He can't be found. And when he replies, he said he can't help much and he's compiling a list so I can just pick anyone from the list!!! And the list is not out yet!!! I was quite annoyed! And I don't know why the local students has managed to find it with the help of one of the lecturers and no one informed us, the international students, of any meetings!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr

But never mind. I am having the last laugh!

So 2 fridays ago... i was so depressed and was stressed about finding an attachment. I was about to send another email to that lecturer when suddenly, i received a call. I thought it was the people from the mystery shopping company asking me to do another mystery shopping ASSignment... But it turned out.. the call was from another company who had previously rejected my application! And it was the director who called me! woot! He thinks my CV is interesting and he would love to meet me in London the next Monday! I was so happy! So i booked my train ticket and made my way down to London alone! I've never been to London alone.. i'm always there with Mr. Fat Fingers and he would be the navigator while I just follow hehehe. Anyway, i didn't get lost! The place was easy to find!

So i met the guy whom i shall call Gui Ren (贵人) now.. because i think he is my Gui Ren! He was so nice and enthusiastic! I was so nervous meeting him, i had problems saying the words "toxicity" and "confidentiality!" LOL!!!!

We had a problem with the timing of my internship because I'm at Leeds and they are in London and it would not be feasible for me to travel to and from Leeds. Plus I have to attend my lectures.

I made a suggestion and asked him if it was better if I do the internship after I finish my course instead of doing it for my module. His reaction to that caught me by surprise!! He said NO! He refused to let me do that and insisted I intern for them so that I can get some experience and it would be easier for me to get a job after I finish my course..or I could work for them if things work out for us! Yahoo!

Yeah! And a few days ago, he called and confirmed that he will be offering me the intern position and I will be able to start during my Easter break! Which means I don't have to miss any lessons or do any travelling during term time! Yahoooo!!!! & he rescheduled some projects to coincide with my Easter break just so I can work on them!!
And i will be paid £6.50 for lunch everyday! hahaha! Oh and I don't have to spend money on accomodation cos I can stay with Mr. Fat Fingers!! And i think the co. will reimburse my travel costs too! If i remember correctly!

I think Gui Ren is really nice!!! And I don't see any Dick qualities in him! So i think I will have a great time working for him and with the people there!! & I hope i will enjoy working on the projects too!



FF said...

Congratulations! I love it when good things happen out of the blue.

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

u are a "ren cai", it is a waste that those companies rejected you for no reasons.Anyway, good luck on your internship!!! so exciting rite???

Suvy said...

so your internship's only during the easter break? that's kinda short... what course you doing again? I think my biggest mistake was not to do the industrial training year out during second year. actually i don't really remember knowing about it... but i wish i i'm stuck here in blardy kl. *sob*

good luck with the internship! i'm sure you'll have loads of fun... and 6.50 lunch money! that's like TWO mcdonald's meals! or well it used to be...

Fat Fingers said...

FF: thanks! :D

Spellbound: me ren cai? hahaha! Thanks! I am very excited!!!

Suvy: THanks!! Yes only during Easter break. It's 4 weeks.. from 9 to 6 everyday.. so i think that's ok for me hehe. I'm doing MSc in GIS (Geog info systems).
You know i've never eaten MacDonald's here.. not really a fan of fast food but the quarter pounders on the tv ads really do look good! I love quarter pounders!! i'm tempted now!! hehe

Lynn said...

Congrats FF,
that is good news isn't it!
Then you can go and check out all the gorgeous eateries in London, must try Paul's which is a french patesserie which has to die for macaroons.
Plus, the novelty of Belgo's and their desserts....oh man I can rant non-stop about food. Luckily I don't live in London anymore or else my budget and waistline would just explode

barneysaurus said...

After having your fair share of dickheads, you've finally found a gui ren :D! Congrats! Haha... I'm still sourcing for my attachment firm :P!

Fat Fingers said...

Lynn : i must google for all these restaurants and find out where they are. I also have a budget :( but maybe i will give myself a treat once a month! hahaha! My friend also told me that there is a good pie shop at liverpool street which is quite near to where i am! hohoho!

Barneysaurus : yah! Finally a gui ren!! Good luck with your attachment! I hope you will meet some gui ren too! hehehehe