Friday, April 01, 2005

Almost an April Fool...

Mini Me : Ah Yi! There is a snake on your head!
Fat Fingers : Huh?
Mini Me : Happy April Fool's Day!
Fat Fingers : hahahaha
Mini Me : Ah Yi! There is a dudu (pacifier) on your backside!
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHAH
Mini Me : Happy April Fool's Day!!

Hahahahahahaah Mini Me is sooo funny!!
Her teacher told her about April Fool's Day so she has been going around disturbing all of us..

I am so glad i wasn't born on 1st April!
Imagine... me.. coming out from my mama's womb.. and then the nurses and doctor will point at me and say.. "Oh look! April Fool! HAHAHAHHA"
I was almost an April Fool!

Oh yeah.. We got a chocolate cake today instead of a cheesecake. It was quite fake when everyone sang the bday song.. and i was quite fake as well with my fake smile hahaha.

Oh and Dick was so disgusting today!! One of my COWorkers accidentally stained her clothes with pen ink.. and the stain was on the breast..well not exactly on the breast..but u know.. where the breast is. And Dick was talking to her and noticed it.. (he must have been checking out her breasts too) and said.. "Did you do that on purpose so that you can show everyone that your breasts are big??"

That's sexual harrasement!!
How professional is that??? Not at all!!

My COWorker was very very offended! I would be too if i were her!! Bloody Dick! He's such a scum!!

And he annoyed me again today... well that's normal i guess haha

We were supposed to go to Tampines for training next week.. And some of our sessions are in the morning.. so we asked him if we can take a cab and then claim it back from the co.
His reply? "You can claim if all of you come to the office and share a cab to Tampines."

Hello? Office is in Orchard? Why waste time to travel to orchard and then go tampines from there when i can just take a cab from Toa Payoh??

And how come you can claim 6 taxi fare in A DAY?? Why can't we claim it? And how many times do we have training in a year? Maybe at most 5 times or less??? Why is it that you can claim taxi fare even on public holidays and we can't claim any when we go for our training which is for WORK??

Why are you not leading by example, you bastard???

This really pisses me off.
I hate it when he tells us not to do something and then he goes and do it himself??

My respect for him is .... ZERO! Maybe even negative!


I hope he knows that buying a cake for everyone does not make him a good manager/leader.

I was actually telling everyone that he should just stop all this tradition (he called it a dept tradition) of buying cakes when it's our birthdays.. and instead use the $$$ for our cab fares!

Bloody Dick. I want to pluck out his menberries hehe. (I love the word menberries. I learnt it from CowBoy Caleb! hhehehehe)

Fat Fingers : i want to pluck out my boss' menberries!!
Jimbo : can I use them to form a novelty 'office stress relief' clacker thingy?
Fat Fingers : hahaha sure! go ahead!! Do whatever you want! You can even smash it!


oddlola said...

Heh, he already sounds like an imbecile. I guess i would give him a telling-off if it were me. Then wait for his bday, poison his cake.

Jayaxe said...

You have to go through him and ask whether can claim transport fare? He in charge of finance also??

Bubblemunche said...

Dick deserves to be slapped twice and hard, on both sides of his face ;)

And my Ms Tan is even worse! I can't claim any transport unless it's between 12am and 6am!!!! Argh!!!!

Fat Fingers said...

one little twit : unfortunately, his bday has passed.. we didn't celebrate for him! hahaha

Jayaxe : We have to go through him cos he will have to approve it on the form! :( Even though he is a Dick head, he is still our manager! GRRRR

Bubbles : yes.. he deserved to be kicked on his groin too! hahahaha Eh.. your Ms Tan is very strict also. grrrrr
I think they make a good couple.. hahaha

cannonball said...

So besides being an ass he's a pervert as well ah? Wahlao. Your colleague should complain about the breast statement to someone superior. Such things might get out hand if they remained unchecked. If you're in the US, he'd be hauled up to court to get sued by now!

Damn suay la, to have a boss who's a dick.

Filee Falee said...

Dick is a perrrrvert! Steer clear!

And mini me is so cute! It has been a long time since i last heard someone use the word 'dudu'! LOL

Zen|th said...

I hate bosses who are perverts. What he said was digusting.

Fat Fingers said...

Cannonball J : Dick is everything Negative!! hehehehe. Yah i'm so suay.. I think it is the bad karma i got from bullying GH.. hmmmm

Filee Falee : haha yes...dudu.. i hear that a lot at home! hehehe

zen|th : Yes, he is a pervert! i hope he gets into trouble some day.. he is always staring at my colleagues' chests, legs & belly buttons. I dress quite conservatively for work so he cannot see anyhing.. muahahahaha

cakie said...


Is it a coincidence that i am going to Tampines for training too?




Or am i thinking too much..

sari said...

hahaha dats so funny!! Have yr mom cooked the ponteh yet?? Tell me how it was okay!! heeheee Im excited to hear more

Fat Fingers said...

cakie : we are not hiring.. so your boss will not be Dick.. You are so lucky!! hahaha

Sari Party Girl : we'll be cooking that next week! So exciting! i'll let you know :) thanks!

FF said...

Eh, why would you want to touch Dick's menberries?! Ewww.

But if you do, pass em to me, i'll feed em to rascal.

Fat Fingers said...

FF : hahaha good point! so i will use pliers or whatever tools i can get to pluck it out hehe. I think Rascal might not like his manberries..cos it is of inferior quality...

Ah 9 said...

series of misfortunes!