Saturday, July 24, 2004

So hungy...

I'm so hungry.. but i don't feel like eating.. er.. this sounds wrong hehe but i don't feel like having porridge again.. or bread..
Stupid stomach flu... my whole family got it.. and i'm the last one to get it.. i'm always the last one to get or know anything!
Had a day off on Friday.. it was so good to be away from that bloody boss. He's so unhelpful. Someone wrote him an email and asked if he can help her with some issues cos i was not IN..and he said.. "this will have to wait till her return on Monday" ... I think he can help lor but he just doesn't want to! Bastard! He's so free that he's always whistling! I'm glad i'm sitting FAR away from him.. not to see him or hear him! But i get to hear all the silly things he did from the rest hehe. I think he might move me to another division so i will be sitting near him.. if he tells me that i will say NO .. not till next year! Anyway.. we all think that he's so free.. we don't know what he is here for.. (he is an overpaid asian expat! and he's very stingy too!)
When people start to wonder what you are here for and what are you doing in the office.. it's not a good sign.. All he does is to monitor emails from the b**ches upstairs and then run out to my COWorker and say.. "did you see what they write? We must get back at them! We must get back at them!" .. He is obsessed with getting his revenge.. tsk tsk tsk
After i quit my job, i might just write him an email.. "Management 101".  Some people told me not to burn bridges.. but i think it's ok to burn this bridge cos I won't be working with him anymore in future and he will never make it big if he continues to be like this..
..... yeah.. anyway i am so bored.. cos it's a saturday and i am at home! stupid stomach flu! and i'm so hungy.. i'm waiting for my mama to come back with hor fun! hehe one of my ang moh friends like the word hor fun.. he thought it was "Whore fun!" hahaha  And i remembered one of my friends who was studying at some christian uni in the states and the school admin hacked into her a/c and accused her of cursing... she actually wrote in singlish "hor" but they thought she meant whore! haha silly!
OK i'm feeling dizzy.. i think i'll go lie in bed.. and watch Battle Royale 1 and 2.. finally got it in HK! Yahoo!

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Anonymous said...

I hate your boss too!