Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh yeah baby!

A few faxes, phone calls and 4 days later.. i've finally got my student visa! Yay!!

And i managed to escape the fee incease (from 1st Jul) ! A difference of about $150! Heng ah!!

The Brit High Comm was really strict. I guess they have to.. I had to write a letter to tell them my mum is giving me a loan and They wanted my mother to show them where she got the money! But they were really nice and efficient though.

So.. now i'm left with..

1.Apply for Student Accomodation
2. Apply for Student Visa
3. Set up a bank a/c here with HSBC (yeah i am kiasu!). Can only do that in the UK hehe.
3. Pack!!

4. Say my goodbyes! boohoohoo

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I know I know I know I know I want you!

Eh sorry... got carried away.. anyway that's one of my fav. song.

Yes i'm so excited! A new phase of my life is going to start soon! I'm not sure what the future holds for me but i'm sure it's going to be very exciting!!

And i said it before.. i am nervous and kinda sad too. The thought of leaving my family...and my friends. The thought of not being able to see my nieces grow up. I wonder if they will still remember me, their Auntie Fat Fingers.
The thought of me in a foreign city...alone...and with limited funds in the bank a/c.

Eh it seems as if i am going away for a long time.. but i think most probably i will... with The Boyfriend being there.. and all...

I'm kinda worried too.. that i will not do well in my course and disappoint everyone who believes in me! Argh i cannot stand the worry wort in me!

I should really stop worrying ... and start packing and eat all the food that i will miss when i am there!
I've just stuffed myself with lots of durians! hehehe


Lynn said...

Hi there,
I understand that you are setting up a HSBC a/c before you come to the UK. Presumably you want to bank with HSBC when you get to UK? Do check with HSBC about setting a/c at home and then coming here, last I heard you may need to be with them for a minimum of 6 mths in order to access the UK services.
Anyway don't worry too much, am sure things will fall in place :)

Fat Fingers said...

yeah i heard about that rule too..from somewhere hehe.
but they didn't tell me that when i emailed them a few mths ago. a lot of things to sort out but so lazy ah!
thanks! :)

jettykey said...

It's happening so soon. Just 2 more items, and you'll say goodbye. Well, I believe you'll still continue blogging, right? At least for bloggers, we don't really get a sense that you have left.

MyOrangeSweater said...

You definitely remind me of myself in 1999, when I left home to pursue my Masters here. Anxiety, nervousness, sorrow, eagerness ... all rolled into one. Yeah, dun worry, everything will just fall in place - just like what my namesake Lynn said. Before you know it, you will be listening to somebody famous delivering your commencement speech ...

Miss Indecisive said...

Yo! You definitely need to be a HSBC customer for 6mths before HSBC's IBC will help you open a UK bank account. However, some form of proof of address in UK + lots of £££££ would open a bank account too! Remember to ask for a credit card!

stoned.nerd said...

good luck for your study trip!

stars_of_rain said...

Hey FatFingers!

I wanna go overseas to study too. But think I just have to make do with local U. Sigh.

Anyhow, Take care! And keep blogging! I will be reading your blog daily!

Filee Falee said...

awww good luck fat fingers!
It sounds really exciting and a brand new start is always good. :)
I am sure you will be sorely missed back home but time flies! All the best!

Raine said...

ohhh! All this sounds really exciting! Good luck, fat fingers! and keep your blog entries coming! :D

Fat Fingers said...

Anna : yes.. it's happening sooN! aaah! Yes i will still continue to blog! :D

Lynne : Yeah.. and before i know it.. i don't want to go home.. hmmm maybe.. hehe

princesskaka : yeah i just called HSBC. i must be their customer first. Anyway, i guess i will go there to open my a/c. i have about a mth there to do it hehehe

stoned.nerd : Thank you! :)

stars of rain : start saving now and you will be able to do that :) You can always do your masters overseas.

Filee Falee : thank yoU! Yes a brand new start! yay!

Raine : Yes sooo exciting! Thank you! :)

Lynn said...

Yeah opening a bank account is fairly easy here as long as you have the vital documents and all. Just takes a while about a week or so. So bring some cash on hand when you come :).

Where are you going?
I am in Leicester doing my Masters now.....sigh...
shout if you need help :)

Hisreason said...

Jia you Fingers! You can do it :)! Go and be a Master of The Universe :D!

Fat Fingers said...

Hey Lynn, thank you! :) I may have some more questions for you! Can i email you? Or can you email me since i don't have your email addy? hehe

Hisreason! Thank you! Master of the Universe haha! I remembered watching that on tv hahaha

ivan said...

hey you're one step closer... service sector in the uk is a disaster...

you should seriously consider checking out your option with rgds to an a/c in sg before going over, i know my fellow singaporeans that did so had a better time.

anyway you can't get a CC unless you've been with the bank for at least 6 months. Also they issue you with a solo card (something like nets, but alot more useless) and normally refuse to issue you switch card (something like solo but more widely accepted).

But given that you're working for sometime now, i think a CC is the least of your worries. Just relax and enjoy the slowwww flow. i quote you a phd student who was a swiss banker "What! i've to make an appointment just to give the bank my money?"

Bittersweet said...

Can i sent you off? Have been reading your blog so often i want to see who the real fat fingers is!!

Good luck for your trip ok? And i believe that you will do well for your course and not dissapoint anyone!

Keep blogging ok? i strive on your daliy entries!

Moochi moochi *^_^*

FF said...

Don't forget, you promised to show us your picture in July. It's already July.

cakie said...

i might be going there in two years time. and i still don't know if that's what i want.

I'm glad you're going where you want. =]

Good luck!

the baker said...

awww... don't worry too much k? of course it's only natural to miss all your friends and family here. but don't forget about the experience you're gonna have over there. i'd be estactic right now, if i were you. like i mentioned before, my intention is to study in the U.K and i'm sure i'll get to realise that dream soon enough. So ya, I'm really happy for you... that you're able to fulfill your goals and really get to experience something you'd never have a chance to, if you'd just only stayed on this 'lil island. and don't worry about missing sg food! you always have us to send supplies to ya =)

p.s. the kiwi tart offer is still up for grabs! let's do a farewell thingie before you leave... if you're comfortable with meeting up that is... let me know..


Fat Fingers said...

ivan : thank you! :) I will be open the International student a/c it shouldn't be too difficult.. i hope! hehe. Yeah i'm ok without a credit card... Credit cards are eeeevil!

Bittersweet : really? hehe shy leh. but i might just meet some of you hohoho

FF : i've changed my mind. sorry. i shy lah..hehehe

cakie : Just be sure of what you really don't want.. :D
Thank you! :)

the baker : yeah..You're right! i shouldn't worry so much. worrying doesn't help much. haha You're tempting me! Kiwi tart! I want! :)