Tuesday, June 21, 2005

4 days of MC! Muahahaha!!

My wisdom tooth is soooo big!!

Does it mean i'm very smart??

The dentist said it's bigger than normal.. hmmm

He told me to close my eyes .. so i couldn't see what's happening...er.. but.. i can still hear! The sound was so scary! It felt like there was an angle grinder in my mouth! haha

I have stopped bleeding now.. but the pain is slowly coming...Thank goodness for painkillers! Without them, i think i will be crying in pain now!

And i thought to myself.... "Aiyoh.. like that the pain also cannot tahan.. how to give birth like that?" My sister gave birth to her first child without any epidurals! I want to be like her too! I was so proud of her!!

Anyway, there are so many good food on the table but i cannot eat! ARGH!!

But ok lah.. i will take this time to "detox" myself and have light meals.. just porridge and my Japanese seaweed paste!

I will also take these few days to catch up on the Korean drama.. Dae Jang Geum (Da Chang Jing). It's the 2nd Korean drama i've watched and it's really good! All the cooking! I think anyone who loves to cook would love to watch this show!

Damn! I'm craving for Korean food now!


MyOrangeSweater said...

OK, when I first saw the pic of your tooth, I thought it was a candy or something. But then when I finally realized what it is, I nearly fainted ...

Cookie said...

OMG...its freaking me out... I'm supposed to go for a consultation for an extraction of my wisdom tooth, to put braces.

which dentist did u go to? can advise? I'm REALLY afraid of pain.. is he a good dentist??? oh my...

Ignorant one said...

haha. when i took out my wisdom tooth last year its isnt scary because i cant really hear or sleep. e doc damn good, chat while doing his work XD.

Anyway my mom made me have 2 weeks of fish meals and i ended up slimming.

lancerlord said...

When I had mine taken out, the tooth was so deep into my gums that the dentist had problem extracting it. He then had to crush the tooth into pieces. Lucky I was numbed already.

Zen|th said...

Wow. That must have been one heck of an experience. I hope my wisdom tooth doesn't give me any problems anytime soon.

Filee Falee said...

I removed 4 okay & perfectly healthy teeth when I did my braces couple of years back. I still remember the horrors of tearing out the teeth from the gums! You are right, I could hear them. It's kinda sick. But I bet yours is much much worse. It's HUGE!!!

Anyway, rest well and get well soon! You are so right about the detox part. And yes, enjoy your dramas, sleeping in late and bumming cos' I love those days!

blablabla said...

next time i also have to extract ah??!!!! :((((((

Fat Fingers said...

lynne : haha want to eat? :D

hyper^ger : You've got mail!

Ignorant one : How come you cannot hear?? the dentist just pull out?

lancerlord : wah crushed! I was hoping that my dentist will not do that because i want to keep my tooth! hehehehe

Zen|th : uh-huh! Yah i hope it will only come out for you when you're working. That way u can have 5 days off from work! hahaha

Filee Falee : wow 4 at one go! i don't think i can go through that esp with the noise!

Ningx : I guess so :( don't be scared! It's not that painful for me already.. just one day of pain i guess hehehe

blablabla said...

very scary leh. i wonder how those people in the past (cavemen) do hor? hahahahaha!

btw I will email you once im done with 1 bookmark and pictures taken? yes? :D

Ignorant one said...

i think because i too engrossed in their gossip liao. XD but hearing it is eh, scary. so im lucky LOL.

Ah 9 said...

EWWWW!!! GOT picture some more!!! EWWW!!! HAHAHAA

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

What freaks me out even more is the injection they give you as pain killer.

Hisreason said...

My goodness! It's freaking big indeed :D!!!

I've removed one, three more to go! Keke....

His reason

Lexandria said...


That's like the biggest wisdom tooth i eva seen!

Looks... Gross by the way.

From the sight of it, i think i'm full. Don't feel peckish anymore

sari said...

manz!! thats huge!!! mine gad 4 roots the dentist said.. he had to pull himself away from me.. its scary!!!!!!

miche said...

your post and the comments really scares me! thank God i do not have wisdom tooth yet (maybe that's why me not so wise). will pray very very very hard that it wont come out!

about giving birth, from my experiences (twice already), expect the worst pain, then it wont be so painful. dont take epidural. not good for you and the baby too.

the baker said...

haha... you lucky girl... imagine how i felt when i removed mine (all of four)? the pain X 4... something you will never want to experience. it was so bad that i was actually tearing and couldn't sleep! the painkillers weren't enough to numb the pain. but i'm just thankful that it didn't hurt whilst they were drilling my teeth. eeks. don't worry, you can eat korean food soon enough =) but ya yours is really huge.

Fat Fingers said...

ningx : only the sound is scary hehe. Yeah wonder how the cavemen did it? hmm
I will be waiting for your email :)

Ignorant one : hahaha so good!

Ah 9 : hahaha yah must show how big mah. When you see a 10 cent coin, please think of me!

LMD : haha yeah the needle poking into my gum.. it was quite painful!

His reason : i also have 3 more!

Lexandria : yes it's gross haha. sorry u lost your appetite ahahaha

Sari Party Girl : 4 roots?? wow!

Miche : Don't be scared. It's not as painful as giving birth i suppose! hehehe. Yeah i don't want to take epidural! Wo ren!

the baker : yah i wonder how u people go through it.. 4 at one go! hehe
yeah.. i cant wait to have some korean food!!

jettykey said...

The show Da Chang Jing is really good. I just finished watching the entire show.

Fat Fingers said...

i am now at disc 10! still have 8 more to go!
the show makes me hungry... all the time.

ultradale said...

I saw you mention about going to UK.Ran on Great Marlborough Street in London has excellent Korean food (and service).