Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tagged..again hehehe

OK tagged again hehe i feel so popular haha (like real!)

* Total no. of cookbooks i've owned
It's a grand total of ... ONE. Yep ONE. I never bought cookbooks before because i didn't like to cook!
Update : I just remembered i do have one more cookbook! It was a present from Takahashi Mama (my "mother" in Japan). She sent it to me because i told her i missed the Sukiyaki she cooked. The book is in Japanese though! Very hard to understand with my half-past-six Japanese.

* Last cookbook i bought
Singapore Heritage Food. Yesterday's recipes for today's cook. By Sylvia Tan.
I thought the cover looks good. and there are lots of pictures inside! hehehe
And it talks about the food culture here too.

*5 cookbooks that meant a lot to me..
er.. i only have one. And i just got it hahahahaha
Anyway, Singapore Heritage Food will be THE cookbook... for the moment haha. I'm gonna look at it when i miss the local food when i'm over at the UK. :(
I can't wait to try all (if not most of it!) of the recipes! I can't wait to cook for The Boyfriend.. and also for his family. I can't wait to impress them! hahaha :D


stars_of_rain said...

I don't even own a single cook book! Have never dared to buy one 'cause I know I would try out all the recipes. And end up putting on more weight.

Why is Singaporean food so delicious?! Sigh.

Raine said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm really surprised! You make my day! :D

And as much as I would like to try out all those nice recipes, I'm a kitchen disaster! In the end, I'm always the one waiting to eat instead. hehe..

Fat Fingers said...

stars of rain : haha yeah the food here is so good! How to survive in the UK? you tell me? haha i have to learn cos i must do my cooking in future.

Raine : You are most welcome! :D
I used to be a kitchen disaster too. With more practice, i'm sure you will not burn down the kitchen! hehe Cooking is fun! :)