Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Love & Piece Yo~~~

I am so happy i found this tee at Uniqlo when i was in Japan! It is going to be my new fav tee! hehe

It reminds me of my trip last year hehe. That's a prayer board i saw at one of the temples in Kyoto last May.

Love & Piece! Hahahaha

Whoever she is, i hope she and Naoki will have lots of Love and Piece and she will get married by the age of 24! That's her prayer. Maybe she will get a piece of that pizza too... Actually i hope to give her a piece of my mind! Why get married at the age of 24?? Still so young! Why get tied down at such a young age? But i guess when you are ready.. you are ready! And she did pray for World Peace.. that's a good thing hehe.

Love & Piece! :D


MyOrangeSweater said...

The usual "broken" Japanese English. How about "Have a wonderful happy day", saw it on an instant food product wrapping once.

Toyokawa Etsuji is the actor in the hot hot Jap drama "Say You Love Me", he played the mute artist, the very very tall one ... hehee

kachuaz said...

so wei da...pray for world peace sia.

i guess for the japanese 24 isnt too young at age to get married.

Lexandria said...

fat fingers! i found a site for you that you might love it ;)


have fun!

Ah 9 said...

tat tee issa cool.

Fat Fingers said...

Lynne : Haha yes EngRish! Oh that's him hehe.

kachuaz : Yeah, they like to get married early..

Lexandria : That's such a cool site! I LOVE IT! haha if only i can do those things to Dick wahahahaha Thank you!!!

Ah 9 : Yah. They have many cool men's tee too. You can order online and use vpost Japan :D

snowystars said...

i love uniglo stuff ... bought alot of things from them when i was in japan .. wish they open a branch here .. it will give giodarno a run of their money :D

Filee Falee said...

lol you are quite right!
When it happens, it happens!
Sounds like you have a fantabulous trip :)

Zen|th said...

Maybe she meant pieces of love for everyone. LoL~

Ah 9 said...

wats vpost japan? u need a credit card? how would u know the sizes fit?

Jayaxe said...

Actually, there are people who get married even before 24. And not because of shotgun too!

Fat Fingers said...

snowystars : yah their things are so cool right? They are the giordano of japan! hehehe

Filee Falee : Yes it was a great trip! :D

Zen|th : yah maybe hor hahahaha

Ah 9 : check out www.vpost.com.sg
You can order from Japanese websites that doesn't ship to japan by using vpost Japan. Yes you will need a credite card. As for the sizes, you will have to check the size chart.

Jayaxe : yah. i wonder why? Why get tied down so early? but i guess some people love that and are lucky to find someone at such a young age hehe