Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's time..

Yep.. it's time.. to ... extract my wisdom tooth!


5 days of MC!!


And i won't be able to eat too much then, so i can lose some weight! hahahaha
I'll probably do it next Monday! hehehehe

And today is the 12th of June!! In another 30 days, i'll tell Dick.. "I QUIT BECAUSE YOU SUCK!" (hohoho "dick" and "suck" hohoho get it?) and on the 12th of Aug, it will be all over! No more working for Dick!

Not too long to go now! I better start packing soon!


I'm feeling kinda nervous too...... yikes!


Jayaxe said...

I think you'll miss Dick one day. Hehehe.

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : er.. let me NOPE! hahaha

Hisreason said...

The other time I extracted my wisdom tooth, I had a bad case of swelling because the doc accidentally hit a nerve when he was injecting anesthetics.

Eh, I'm not being very helpful again huh?

frenie said...

Hee! Ask him whether his surname is suck. Finally u can start to say all the things on this blog to him.

Ah 9 said...

start bringing stuff from the desk back home...hehe

sari said...

Im excited for you too!! ..becaus eon the 12th aug, it will be my 1 year anniversary too! hahaha!! Congrats babe... soon soon sooon!! U can start buying stuff already!! and 5 days of MC! Whoa! The other time I extracted.. I just wnet to eat dim sum.. and halfway I had to stop becus I was looking like a zombie! lol

Lexandria said...

Use ur umbrella and give him an anal probe instead of saying he suck LOL

Actions speak louder than words!

the baker said...

Oooooo wisdom tooth! good luck babe! you're not pulling all 4 like i did right? then it should be okay. ahaha it doesn't hurt much... really... well at least until the aesthetics wear off! but ya good time to lose weight.. but sadly you can only look when your family eats good food!

oh so you're leaving in aug already? that's so soon! hey maybe we could all meet up before you leave? go somewhere to makan. what say you? like a farewell thing. haha.. let me know ya...

blablabla said...

can i meet you for makan too?! :D:D

and tell dick : i quit because you suck! and i spitted on your cake!!!!

hahahahaaha! :D

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are finally free from Dicky.

Does it means the end of the juicy stories that you have shared with us abt him...............?

blablabla said...

BTW FF, today i want to try and cook chicken rice with your recipe. just a question.

do i boil the chicken in plain water? after boiling the chicken the water that i boiled it in is considered STOCK ah?

paiseh hor. first time cooking :D

Fat Fingers said...

Hisreason : yah.. not so helpful leh! hahahaha

Frenie : i scared he sue me! hohoho

ah 9 : yah i have stopped bringing snacks/things to work. but i will only bring back after i tender. if not ppl will suspect me one hehehe

Sari Party Gril : wah! one year! i thought you 2 have been together for ages! :) And you are so "adventurous"! i think i will stick to porridge after the extraction.

Lexandria : Quite true! hahaha

The Baker / Ningx : really you all want to meet me?!?! i shy hee hee. I am only taking out one. if i take out all 4, i think i will faint from the pain!

Ningx : No need to be pai seh! :) Everyone will have their first time hohoho. yah cook with plain water. After that, the chicken soup will be chicken stock :) Some people told me the chicken was not cooked. maybe you boil it a bit longer. I like mine to be just cooked. Remember to poke the chicken with a chopstick to see if it is cooked.

-YoYo- : i'm afraid so. :( No more juicy stories about Dick. :( But i am sure my COWorkers will update me about Dick from time to time! hehehehehe

LArLiN said...

hihi.. i've actually been reading ur blog for quite sometime already. glad for u tt u're finally gonna get away from dick but guess i'll miss those funny stories bout him haha... newaez, keep blogging yeah? ur great! :D

blablabla said...

yes!! really!! I also shy!!
dont meet for makan at least go airport "song ji"! :)

MyOrangeSweater said...

Wah Fat Fingers, you are very brave, you are going to do something that it will take 10 men (hopefully handsome ones) and a crane to drag me to ... the dentist! Yes, I have phobia of dentist. Good luck with the tooth pulling, and remember to keep it as a souvneir!

the baker said...

haha aiya shy what shy... girls mah... lol... tell you what, i'll bake something and bring it along? would that make you wanna come meet us? no harm what. i won't bite. promise! i have a deficit of 8 teeth anyway... hahahaaaa