Thursday, March 31, 2005

2 years short of 30....

Dick called me on the phone today...
Dick : Hi Fat Fingers! What time are you leaving today?
Fat Fingers : Er.. about 12.30pm
Dick : Oh you are not coming back to the office?
Fat Fingers : Oh.. no.. i'm taking half a day off..
Dick : Oh yes.. aiyah.. you smart little lady... Oh Happy Birthday! How old how young are you?
Fat Fingers : 2 years short of 30...
Dick : Huh?
Fat Fingers : 2 years short of 30.
Dick : Oh.. that makes you 26! hahahaha
Fat Fingers : hahahaha *in my heart - i think your math not so good...*
Dick : Ok.. i will see you tomorrow. Bye
Fat Fingers : Bye.

Aiyoh.. Dick really doesn't intend to let me off. He still wants to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. My fellow Dick-hater asked me what cake i want cos Dick asked her to get one for me. I told her.. "Tell Dick, i only want Durian cake from Goodwood Park Hotel. Muahahaha". But.. some of the expats doesn't like there goes my durian i don't think Dick will be so generous.
Another Dick-hater told me that Dick doesn't like Cheesecake....but... i love cheesecake! hahaha So they might get a cheesecake for me tomorrow.. haha.

My fellow Dick-haters insisted on bringing me out for lunch.. so we went to NYDC to have pasta. Dick almost wanted to join us!! But thankfully, he changed his mind cos he said someone might not like it. Actually.. it is not someone lor! It is everyone! hahahaha

Yeah.. so.. after lunch.. i went to CK Tangs to look for things to buy cos my Tangs Care card will expire today and it still has a value of $10.80... I ended up buying a green bag. I think that will be my 349830435th bag. hmmmm

As i was walking around town by myself, i realised.. how come some people are so free? They no need to work meh? And the kids.. don't they need to be at school.. or study at home? Or go for tuition classes?? Why are they all at Topshop????? And some kids.. they are so young and yet put on all those thick makeup! Tsk Tsk Tsk! They look like they are in their late 20s or something. So ugly. And some of them are too young to be in a relationship.. tsk tsk tsk.

Hahaha i realisd i sound like an old geezer...

Oh i have decided not to get the Creative Zen Micro Mini.. as i think i better sort out the $$$ for my studies later in the year.. If there's extra $ i'll get one. Or i'll wait for the PC/IT show in june to see if there's any special offers/promos/bundles and free gifts! I have no incentive to buy now hehe.

Yeah.. looking forward to dinner with my family later.

And Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! :)

Oh yes Mini Me was so cute this morning :

Fat Fingers : Mini Me! Today is my birthday! Where is my present??
Mini Me : I have no money.. but i can give you a kiss.
Fat Fingers : Ok Kiss me then!


limegreenspyda said...

2 years younger also can wat! who cares! :D
woot~! happy birthday!

Jayaxe said...

I think 1 year in Vietnam is equal to 2 years for us. Hehe.

Anyway, I still haven't wished you happy birthday, and I hope you had a great time!

Remember to tell us what surprise your boyfriend gave you!

Filee Falee said...

been reading ur blog for quite sometime. Happy Birthday (hope I am still in time).

Dick is odd. He seems both nice (abt the cake) and yet sadistic at the same time.

Fat Fingers said...

Spyda / Jayaxe : Thank you! i thought it was really funny. I heard his math is bad..

filee falee : thanks for reading my blog! Yes Dick is odd. I think buying a cake will make him look like a good manager. bah!

snowystars said...

happy birthday ... hope i'm not too late ... enjoyed your shopping today =)

Filee Falee said...

oh mind if I link ya up?

Fat Fingers said...

snowystars : thanks! you made it hehehe

Filee falee : of course not! Link me up! :)

jettykey said...

I like bags too, but I never get a chance to use all of them. Sometimes, I even forgot that I bought such and such a bag!!

becca said...

I think most of the kids you saw are like me, waiting to go into poly, My year, the Dragon batch has alot of ppl.

Fat Fingers said...

Anna : me too! and the same for the shoes too.. jia lat..

soccersalvaged : oh... haha no wonder!