Friday, March 18, 2005


I met The Big Boss today.
He asked me how was work.. and i told him i've been very busy... and i was too chicken to complain about Dick! Well, cos i think they have a good relationship so it is best that i not do that.. for now.

Anyway... he said he wanted to send our team to Japan to take a look at our new stores, probably in May....



As much as i love to travel, i hate business trips! And also... i have to travel with Dick again!
It's no good travelling with him when he wants to control the drinks and food you eat! GRRRR!!

The only good things i can think of from going to Japan for the business trip is ..
1. earn mileage points hahaha
2. lots of Japanese food! yummy!

That's all!

I remembered there was once i was so fed up trying to get everyone into the mini bus which will bring us to the airport from the hotel .. and Dick was late as usual...
The mini bus couldn't wait for us cos there were too many cars coming in.. so the bus driver drove off to make another round before coming back to pick us up..
And Dick kept asking me.. "Where's the bus?? Where's the bus?"
I didn't answer him because i was very annoyed...
But Dick kept asking.."Wheres the bus?? Where's the bus??"

I got fed up and snapped at him.. "HOW WOULD I KNOW?? I AM NOT THE BUS DRIVER!!"
and walked off...

I know.. i was rude.. I didn't know why i did that either haha
I guess it was all the frustration during the business trip..
From HKG to KOR back to SG, all of us were not too happy with each other haha. It was like.. Dick haters vs Dick + Office Viper all the way!

I still remember how Dick told everyone in Hong Kong that we stayed in a CHEAPer hotel because of me and my colleagues who wanted to go to HKG a few days earlier for the weekend. Please! I wouldn't mind paying for a more expensive room for a night..but it was YOU who said, "The CHEAPer the better please!" So it's not my fault! Don't blame it on me!

Argh! I don't want to go on another business trip with Dick! No No No No No No No!!!!!

Eh.. but Dick just went there in Jan.. hmm I think maybe it's just us then.. if that's the case, then i will be more than willing to go.. hohoho :D :D :D


Bubblemunche said...

Maybe... you can look up the family you stayed with when you were in Japan the last time :)!

Oh, and be careful if Dick comes knocking at your hotel room in the middle of the night :D!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Put some laxatives into his morning coffee!!!

suspiciousbastard said...

My God. Bring a taser or something. About's a link to show you how Japan really is...or at least the school system.

sari said...

O Japan is cool if you are ready to spend the big bucks! Heard stuff over there is hell ex but food is really fresh! heehee

miryclay said...


pay Dick back in his own coin!

ie spook him in his hotel room and doin just about every other thing that will irk him!

he's such a cheesebun!

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles : they stay like maybe 2-3 hrs plane ride away haha. i dont think i can afford :( and if he comes knocking on my door, i will hit his head with a fire extinguisher! muahahhaa

LMD : good idea! muahahaha. I will do that in the plane hohoho that will be so much fun.

suspiciousbastard : that's a great website! thanks! I love to read all the stories by those JETs ppl.

Sari Party Girl : yes, Japan is cool! and so expensive! Sometimes the food are too fresh. The Japanese served a live squid to me once and then killed it and pulled it's head off in front of me! I didn't dare eat it and the Jap chef came and asked me "Is the squid not fresh enough for you??" eeeek!

Mirclay : haha yes Dick is a cheesebun! hmmm Making a cheesebun out of Dick sounds good! wahahahahah

sari said...

lol then wat did u say?? I think my parents had dat in Korea~ the thing just kept moving!! ...n its jack ass huge! heehee korea has cheaper stuff i think, but gawd da food sucks!!! i survived on chocolate over there!!

Dan said...

Chanced upon your blog.. great stuff! Thanks for making me feel not so alone in this world with a boss i hate. Congrats on you getting away from it soon!

Fat Fingers said...

Sari Party Girl : I told the chef i can't eat something that has it's head pulled out in front of me while it was still alive hehe.

Dan : You're welcome! Most bosses suck!! here's a website that might help u hehe