Monday, March 14, 2005


Aiyoh.. don't know why all these is happening..
Why? Why me? Why?

So today I was walking to the office... and guess who i saw?
Yes.. yes.. Dick again! Why ah?? Why so suay??? I cannot believe it.

He was waiting for a cab to go to another office...

I quickly took out my phone and pretended to send an sms.. so i don't have to look in front but look down at my phone.. hehehehe

Anyway, this Dick is really driving us crazy! Well.. maybe just Us minus the Office Viper.

We were supposed to come out with 3 objectives - Department, team and personal objective.

So as a manager, i suppose you have to guide your department on what and how to set the objective. He didn't. So we (excluding Dick) had a TWO hour meeting on this.. and we all came up with an objective and we all submitted it to him. He wasn't happy.. and held another meeting!
Of course, we weren't too impressed with him. If you wanted us to do it your way, why don't you just tell us what you want? Why tell us to DIY and then come back and tell us this is not what he was looking for? Why didn't he just give us the guidelines when we asked him to?

He asked one of my COWorkers if she was unhappy. And she really told him that he wasted our time and it's very frustrating when we can't get any guidance from him. Hahaha Dick didn't expect that at all!

So we changed it according to what he wanted and today he emailed us again and said we were too general so all of us have to redo it! argh! What is wrong with him? Why can't he just tell us what he wanted in the first place?

Yeah we also had to set an objective on which dept we want to move on to and how to improve our competency to achieve that. I was tempted to write.. "I want to be a manager, like Dick, because you don't need much competency." but i didn't.. because i still need to save $$$!

I really can't wait to have my exit interview. Muaahahahahaha


Jayaxe said...

An exit interview?? Whatever for?

suspiciousbastard said...

Heh. Destined to be together.

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : when you resign from a co. there must be an exit interview. The HR will interview you and ask you the reason why you resign and get your feedbacks etc.

suspicisou bastard : Choy! No way man! Destined to be together with Dick??!?!! EEEEEEEEK!

Bubblemunche said...

My goodness, what a Dick!

Ms Tan also made me re-write the same report for more than 4 times, because she couldn't decide on the spacing of the paragraphs and the margins. Help me ah!!

Joelle said...

Got the interview good!!!

Interviewer: Why do u wish to resign?

You: Dick sucks.. He stalks us even when he is not in the office. He has poor managerial/social skills. yadayada~~

Interviewer: What do you think we can do to improve this situation?

You: *without thought* Sack Dick.

Result: Pure happiness~

miryclay said...

epitome of suayness babe.

you need some exorcist! to get rid of this force of evil around you!

gomugomu said...

If your HR people are in cahoots with dick, the exit interviews will become nothing more than a formality.

Zen|th said...

Maybe everyone should start adopting the same attitude as your Coworker and Dick will be scared. What was his reaction?

Fat Fingers said...

Bubblemunche : hahaha Miss Tan is also one character! cannot decide on the spacing! aiyoh!!

Joel :'s not good to burn bridges also. i must put it in a way that is not too obvious also hohohoho

miryclay : yeah tell me about it! haha

gomugomu : that might be true! but i think the HR ppl dun like him too hohoho

Zen|th : i think he wasn't too happy about it. He is a xiao nanren. He'll not let my COWorker off..but my COWorker has a big mountain behind her.. so it is ok hehe

cheeky said...

Dick sounds like Dilbert's boss.

Fat Fingers said...

Cheeky, yah that makes me Dilbert! hehehe