Monday, March 28, 2005

Dick's hometown...

COWorker : Eh Fat Fingers, got cheap air fares to Hanoi you know.. want to go?
Fat Fingers : No lah! Imagine you go to Vietname and all of them look exactly like Dick. EEEE
COWorker : Wah lau.. that's gross! Don't generalise!
Fat Fingers : Can't help it leh... When i see the word Vietnam, i see his face.. Yucks!

I don't hate Vietnam or the Vietnamese.. i just hate Dick. But.. He annoys me so much that whenever i see the word Vietnamese, he comes to my mind. I have also stopped eating Vietnamese food.... I'd avoid anything Vietnamese...

Anyway, Dick was in a good mood today... we were trying to come up with reasons why he was so chirpy..

COWorker : Must be he went to Geylang last night! That's why so happy!
Fat Fingers : hahaha you sure or not? He is so niao piao ..cannot be.
COWorker : Oh maybe he got to talk to his wife on the phone today.
Fat Fingers : Hmmm.. I know i know!! He had phone sex with his wife today.. that's why!! hehehe

*niao piao = stingy


SHeLLFisH said...

Haha... I stopped eating Indian food n pizza cos they reminds me of me boss....

Jayaxe said...

Hahaha! You all so bad. But why just think of sex? Sekali he just had lunch with his mistress?

suspiciousbastard said...

Maybe he dreamt of you last night. Eheheheh..

Fat Fingers said...

Shellfish : Your boss is an Indian Italian? An Italian Indian? Or and Indian that looks like a Pizza?? hehehe

Jayaxe : cannot be. he is a niao piao. he will not want to spend $$$ on women.. hmmm

suspicousbastard : choi! hahaha

Bubblemunche said...

I agree with Suspicious! Muahahah :D!!

Er, I like Vietnamese beef noodles soup :)

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles : Choi! Choi Choi! ahhaha
Actually.. i like Vietnamese beef soup too..but not anymore. i can live without it hahaha