Tuesday, March 01, 2005

4 months!

It's the 1st of March today!

4 months to go before i say goodbye to my boring job, Dick, the Office Viper and my fellow Dick haters.

I'm so excited!

Today is also the birthday of my future mother-in-law. She loves the earrings i got for her. Hee hee.


It was a boring day at work today.. SSDD ... Same Shit, Different Day.
Very sick of it..
Even though there's only 4 months to go.. i still myself getting really annoyed and agitated when i'm being asked to do things that i think are pointless and waste of time.

The Office Viper really annoyed me today. When Dick is not around, she loves to play boss. - giving us instructions and telling us what to do.. Maybe she meant well..hmmm but i really hate it when she just comes to me and tell me how to do my own things.. I know you are offering suggestions..but can you please just let me do it on my own? Let me learn? Let me try how to do it? Let me make my own mistakes? If i need any help, i'll ask you!
When she told me all the solutions, i was quite pissed.. cos i didn't have the time to even think about it and if i had the time to think, would i have thought of the same solution/method? ARGH ARGH ARGH!!

Oh yes, even though Dick is on holiday for a week in the US with his family, he is still haunting us with emails!! GRRR
He sent us emails at 2am US time! Please! Does he have no life? Maybe it's jet lag, my fellow Dick haters said.. but i think not..
I think he wanted to have sex with his wife.. but his wife is turned off by him so he got frustrated and couldn't sleep and hence, logged on internet and send us emails! and maybe surf porn sites too.. wahahhahaa.

Please lor.. Dick..enjoy your holiday! Don't haunt us with your emails. Get a life! We all can live without you!


Anonymous said...

Wahahahhaa. He seems to love his job a lot. Cannot tahan this kind of ppl. They are hardworking, and then they expect everyone to be the same as them.

Or sometimes, they purplely want to send email to show that they ar so hardworking.



Bubblemunche said...

Muahahah!! I have a lot of SSDDs too!

4 more months... very very fast one :)!! You've endured 2004 already :)!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Wahahaha! So bitchy... for all you know you could have been having sex with his wife and decided to send work emails at the same time for the thrill of it... wahahaha!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I meant, *he* could have been having sex with his wife!!!!

Fat Fingers said...

Cakie, he is just pretending!

Bubblemunche : yah! Very fast! I hope it will go faster! hehe

LMD : hahaha yes.. i was wondering.. why do i want to have sex with his wife?? hehehe
yeah he might be really doing that! YUCKS!

Zen|th said...

I wonder how you get through days like those. I don't know if I could stand SSDDs..

tommi said...

Aiya, your boss thinks he is indispensible mah...or he is telling you people 'I will return...heeeheee'

Anyhow, seeing his email is better than seeing him in person, right? Muhaahaaaa...

Ah 9 said...

may the viper be roadkill... :P

Fat Fingers said...

Zen|th : It helps when you have yahoo msger installed on your pc and a radio walkman...

tommi : Dick once told us, we can't live without him! haha yah right!

Ah 9 : hahahaha yeah

tommi said...

maybe you guys should sent a note to him that you guys really missed him every minute of the time since his emails remind all of you about him...muahaaahaaa...