Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I was a bully...

Girlfriend : i will ask for the details of the class...i wonder if we bake our own cake or we bake in group?
Fat Fingers : yah lor hor. if we bake in grp.. aiyoh.. if with u.. u surely dun let me bake one
Girlfriend : no lah...i will let u bake lor.....i won't be like how u used to treat GH one lor hahahahaha
Fat Fingers : Wah lau.. don't remind me..

I am going to learn how to make egg tarts with my girlfriend next month! How fun!

Anyway.. she reminded me of GH our Secondary School classmate. I was #14 on the class list and GH was #13. So we were always paired up to be partners in our Home Economics class.

I was glad Home Economics class lasted 2 years for me.
The whole class could hear me scolding GH everytime we had Home Economics. She was doing everything wrong & I was constantly scolding her..

I remembered we needed to make a hard boil egg and GH insisted the egg was ready.. and when she cracked the egg.. the egg white and yolk oozed out!! I was furious because there were no more eggs for us! We had to beg our classmates to give us some eggs hahaha

We bullied GH too..and We would make fun of her in class.. She never fought back but sat quietly at her desk and ignored us.

Once, we found her notebook and saw there were a lot of autographs by the local artistes. Guess what we did? We signed our names too haha We passed the book around and everyone signed it. We thought it was funny.. but not GH.

During PE lessons, we would play ball with her but we would always aim the ball at her head. We were so bad...

Many years later, i saw GH at the Uni. I said hi to her. I was embarrassed actually..for all the things i did to her.

I managed to track her down in the Uni's server. We chatted..and i apologized to her... for being so impatient with her.. scolding her.. and hitting her with the volleyball...
I forgot what her response was..but she wasn't angry at all..


I wonder how is she now.... hmmmmm


cannonball said...

Aiyoh so sad. Poor GH. At least you managed to talk to her about it in Uni.

But ever class will always have a GH in it, the punching bag of sorts. We used to bully this guy in class cos he was a bit of a nut case and a 'know it all'. Usually the overweight ones will be the GH. Kids can be so mean.

tommi said...

eh, did you read the news this morning regarding stabbing case at one of the sports shops? scary hor...luckily you apologise to GH and she was not angry with you...

FF said...

Oh fat fingers, that was very mean. Luckily you had the decency to apologise to her and fortunately, she didn't seem traumatised in any way.

I had a GH in my sec school class. We always talked about her and giggled behind her back because she loved eating her pus filled pimples. Peel peel peel, then pop in mouth.

miryclay said...

Fat Fingers, boy are you evil!

So mean! Reminds me of a close friend of mine who was under constant fire by her classmates.. even though her only negative attributes were "trying too hard, blur and overly nice."

I was the long-d/x-country captain and therefore in the higher social echeleons of the girls' school I am in. And a close fellow tracker actually asked me what in the world I was hanging out with a supposed "loser"!

I think this is but a girls' school clique-ish bitching attitude. Outcasting those who are "misfits".

Ah 9 said...

Big buuweee!~

cannonball said...

Omg FF that's very gross la. Eating pus. I don't think I've ever heard anything quite likt it...

Fat Fingers said...

tommi : i am so lucky!! hahahaha

FF / Cannonball J : one of my sec sch classmate who loved eating her boogers.. very gross too.. We didn't dare to laugh at her cos her mama would come to school and scold anyone who laughed at her daughter.

miryclay : yes i was eeevil hehe.

ah 9 : You better shut up if not i beat you up ah! muahahaha :D :D :D

Bubblemunche said...

I'm the male version of GH :D!

Fingers you very nice already lah, at least still have the courage to apologise to her in Uni :)

ANd FF... that was super gross :D!

Dan said...

hey advance happy bday to you! have a great one! (filled with surprises i hope)

suspiciousbastard said...

That girl has a lot of patience with people. Perhaps she'll be someone big in the future.

limegreenspyda said...

eeee.... you so horrible last time! see? now got retribution and kena cursed with horrible boss! *evil laughter*

ah well, to hoard some good karma for myself, G'LUCK FOR YOUR EGG TARTS! nah. don't say i never give encouragement ah. :)

Fat Fingers said...

dan : thank you! :)

Bubbles : haha. What did they do to you?? Must blog about it more.. hehe

suspiciousbastard : perhaps. hmmm

Spyda : hahaha yah. Bad karma! The baddest karma will be to work for her.. Thank you for the encouragemnt :) hehehe