Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This morning i was walking happily to the office and singing to Michael Bolton's "Love is a Wonderful Thing" (cos MacD was playing that song when i walked pass).. and as i was approaching the office building.. someone walked beside me... And that someone was.... DICK! ARGH ARGH ARGH! WHY WHY WHY? OF ALL PEOPLE, WHY DICK?? We didn't talk in the lift, i pretended to be busy reading my Digital Life!. Actually, i was talking to myself in my mind. "Damn suay.. suay suay suay. early in the morning, i get to see Dick. Sibeh suay! Ta ma de!"

I can't stand it.. for the past few weeks.. i've been quite suay.I kept telling myself.. don't let me see Dick at the pantry, at the corridor.. in the lift.. at the lobby.. and what do i get?? I get to see him at the pantry, the corridor, the lift and at the lobby! ARGH ARGH ARGH!!


& Dick has been so on the ball lately..
I think his boss must be pushing him..
so now he is pushing us.

I have to do a bi-monthly report for him which is a waste of my time. Basically, i have to use that report to HOUND the planners and question them (in a nice way) if they are doing their job.
Dick told us.. "Yes, the word to use is HOUND!"

And this thursday we will have our one to one session again! This time he planned to spend one hour with us! ONE hour! That's SIXTY minutes! 3600 Seconds!
I have nothing much to tell him!
Well i think i will tell him i am not motivated to do my work.. and see what he will do. hehehe
Not too long to go now.. i'm so excited to hand in my resignation letter to Dick. Woohoo


Ah 9 said...

the last sentence made me laugh

Zen|th said...

Haha. So suay ah. Well, look on the bright side, it's not long before you won't see him anymore. :)

becca said...

Hey, I heard that the more you hate a person, the more you will bump into the person all the time cuz something like heaven wants you to recoucil with that person.

Or perhaps its just the sheer logic the one you hate most is at your workplace of school, so the odds of bumping into one anotheris pretty high. Since leaving school I dun bump into the ones I utterly despise, touch wood.

It's one of life's stupid rules, nvm la, ya gonna resign soon right? Cheers.

Bubblemunche said...

MuahahuH :D!! You have a lot of 'yuan fen' with Dick leh :D!!!

And goodness, I thought I'm the only person who still listens to MB!!

Jayaxe said...

I was wondering, since you so suay, maybe when you get to UK and study, you might kenna a Vietnamese lecturer named Dick and look like Dick!

Bubblemunche said...

Jayaxe: I'll say it for FIngers: CHOY CHOY CHOY!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

whoa working sounds damn sian.. studying isnt any better too~ haikz, if only we can zhuo bo. *sari

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe! How can you say that!
Bubbles, thanks for helping me to say all the "Choys" cos i really need it haha
but anyway, i've checked.. no vietnamese lecturer at the uni..

Ah 9, am i supposed to think dirty here or what har?

Zen|th : yeah.. only a few more months to go!

soccersalvaged : yeah u are right. i think the more you don;t want, the more it will happen to you.. argh.

Sari Party Girl : yah best is to study.. working is very boring.. but the $$$ is good hahahhaa