Monday, June 05, 2006

2 weeks!

Yes 2 weeks from now, i'll be saying good riddance bye to my flatmates!!

I can't wait to get out of this flat.

The weather here is getting warmer.. about 19 to 23 degrees celcius now.. but i don't know why my flatmate still wants to turn up the heater to 20! LOL!
Thank goodness I've turned off the heater...but none of them knows it yet. hehehe

We are going to clean up that extremely dirty kitchen of ours soon. I think I shall be annoying and ask that girl from hkg if she would like to clean the stove because she and her bf are the one who dirtied it. It's so dirty!! It's gross! You can see some sago stuck on the stove! And all the food stains!! Grrrrr

A few days ago, they cooked red bean soup and spilled some of it on the table. They didn't even bother to clean it up! What is wrong with these people? If it's me, i'd just wipe it off immediately! But no, these people have to leave it over night. They only cleaned it up after I wrote a note to say that we have to clean up the kitchen soon before we move out so as not to incurr any extra cleaning charges (which i am not prepared to give!!)

And that stupid bf of hers... can't even pee properly! My other flatmate has been complaining to me about how she had to clean the toilet cos there were pee all over the toilet seat!! She wanted to tell her to do something about it but she felt it would not be too nice to tell a 20 something to pee properly! Anyway the toilet is ok now...quite clean for the past few days!! I think he as stopped thinking with his penis for once and have started to lift up the toilet seat when he pees!

Grrr.. Stupid flatmate and her boyfriend who can't pee properly!! I hope she gets some rashes for being so dirty!!!

So anyway... enough of that... I've finally finished my last assignment for the term... I have just my dissertation to do now and then I'll be back at the office in London in July... can't wait to start and can't wait to discuss more about job opportunities with the boss there!


Mr Fat Fingers came to visit me last week. We had serveral day outs. One was to Keighley (pronounced as keith-ley). We took the stream train and travelled around on the
Keighley and Worth Valley a STEAM train! How every interesting! And very old fashion too! I love it!

We also went to Manchester on Saturday... and there were too many football fans there. Cos the England team was playing against Jamaica that day. I was glad I was in Red and White that day... England's colour and also Singapore's colour!! There were lots of Policemen around too..making sure no one is out and about getting pissed and causing trouble. There were even a few policeman on duty in the train on the way back to Leeds! It's crazy! But everyone was well behaved except for a few Sheffield United fans who kept making fun of Leeds United!! hehehehe


Alcuin Bramerton said...

He may be urinating in the washbasin, of course.

Fat Fingers said...

yucks! i hope not! hahaha!!
it doesn't bother me if he does cos i don't use that wash basin in the toilet... hehehe

Sibeh Sian said...

Heh, I knew your 'piss-loving' flatmates won't stay 'peace-loving' for long. Pardon my lame pun!

At the time of writing, you can say '2 Days' already :)

Fat Fingers said...

no worr.. is 7 days to go!
I like your lame pun! hahaha sibeh funny! :D