Saturday, September 25, 2004

i went out!

Ok.. i broke the rules.. I went out! hehe

I went swimming with my mama at the public pool.. damn there were too many kids around!! And they were always getting into my way! Bastards! GRRRRR

I swam 10 laps!! It's the first time i swam 10 laps.. my arms are aching now! I just learnt how to swim last year! I'm pretty good now! Woohoo!! Actually, i only can do the breast stroke haha.

Talking about breasts... yeah.. i was so afraid the kids will kick my breasts when they were swimming next to me.. i love my breasts!! Oh and this silly guy.. he was checking out my breasts at the pool! Please! Your mama has breasts too!! Idiot! I do not have big breasts anyway!

So after swimming, i went to Chinatown with my mama. It was nice to go out with her... It's been a long time since we did that. We went to eat the famous Chang Cheng Porridge. We also bought the BBQ pork and BBQ Bacon! It was sooo good!... and so fattening!!

Yeah and i saw many of those china girls with the ah peks.. quite gross.. and i saw this ang moh...very good looking one!! trying to pick up this girl from those makeshift store.. and he was like..
Ang Moh: Do you want to go out with me after work?
Girl : No lah.. i study part time. i must go home to study..
Ang Moh: Let me teach you...
Girl : *giggles* no lah.. cannot..

I think that was funny.. and i didn't realise i was looking at them and listening to their conversation. I was so obvious!! Must learn to be more discreet in the future hehehe

Oh no! Damn! Just realised that i missed Coupling! I love that show! So now i must wait for the 2.30am show! ARGH! I hope i can stay awake!

Maybe i should write more to keep myself awake.. but it's only 12.17am!

Oh yeah, the boyfriend has switched off his mobile.. he's at the wedding now. I miss hearing from him how his day is..and how things went.. guess i will have to wait till tomorrow..

Hmm ok.. not sure what to write.. think i'll go read some random blogs.. some are nice to read... and some.. i can't understand cos it's in some other languages and also some it's cos it's written with so much singlish and it puts me off.

Seriously people, i think we all should cut down on the usgage of singlish.. well using the occasional lah leh and lor is ok but the entire paragraph of it? It's terrible i think.. and i hate it when pEopLE tYPe LiKe tHIs.. iT GiVEs mE a hEAdAche. OuCh!!
And also people who spells this as dis and that as dat and all the words that ends with a little z like sianz and haiz.. But then i should quit complaining! It's their blog... but this is my blog so i will complain all i want.. haha .. ok .. i'm being silly...

OOOh yes.. the boyfriend has just switched on his phone! Message Delivered! I'm waiting for his reply!

I hope his present will arrive on Monday. I'm so exicted to see what he has to say about the pressies i got for him!

Ok i'm gonna check out some random blogs now...


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Grayson said...

I love to go to the pool and look at the breasts. All different sizes, shapes and colors. They are great...big or small!!