Sunday, September 26, 2004


Dreamt of the boyfriend last night! I went to visit him and his family. Met his mom and she simply adores me.. we hugged and said Hi.. then we went into the room to make sweet love.. (the boyfriend and I.. not the mother and I! haha!!!! EWWWW)

I so can't wait to be there! I miss my baby so much. Talking on the webcam every week helps but i want him HERE, Physically next to me..

He's probably coming in Feb.. i'm thinking that we should go on a cruise or elsewhere if we have $$$$ to spare. Feb is my bonus pay out.. i hope i get that 20% bonus! That would be so cool! I can use it to pay for the cruise or get a new digi cam.. and save the rest for my studies. hmmmm I guess i shall have to see how much bonus i get. Things are going quite well at the moment in my co. So i guess bonus will be quite good this year..

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