Sunday, September 26, 2004


EEEEEEEEEEEEE William Hung is on tv! He speaks terrible mandarin.. but it's ok.. cos we all are supposed to laugh at him..

He's such a mummy's boy.. he listens to his mom all the time and asked permission to do this and that.. oh Please! How old is he again??

I think his mom will be the typical evil mother-in-law. hehehe

The boyfriend is close to his mum too but not a mummy's boy. That's what i like about him. He makes his own decision.. after all he is 31 already!! But i really do envy the relationship he has with his mum. I can never tell my mum the things he tells his mum..especially about me. I never really tell mum about our 6 weeks wedding plan thing hahaha.. If i told my mum, she'll freak out.. i think she still wants me to have a local boy as a boyfriend..but she is slowly accepting him. I've been telling mum about him.. like how much he misses the food here etc.. and she'll ask about him though not much...

Yeah.. the boss is away for a week! We're starting to get busy and he is clearing leave! He said he was forced to... Oh please! It's as though he's always too busy! When your staff starts to wonder what you are doing in your office & when your staff starts to wonder what your job is... it shows that you are not doing anything! And especially if you are whistling away in your office!! Bloody dickhead! And in this crucial time, he has approved two 2 week leave for these 2 overpaid expats who's working in our team.. He never dares to say no to them.. but to the local hired people.. bah! I'm gonna take half a day leave next month.. if he dares to tell me NO... i'll show him my DL face.. come lah! I scared you ah! Dickhead!!

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