Saturday, September 25, 2004


Yes.. i'm myself..
Too many temptations out there.. i have to cut down on my spending.. so i'm staying at home during the weekends.. I only intend to go out once in Oct and once in Nov for my friends' birthday.. and once in Dec for Christmas!

I must save at least 1.5K to 2K a mth! I must cut down on expensive lunches! No more handbags or clothes or shoes! OK.. maybe one item in a month? or maybe two? ARGH! I hope there's no staff sale in my co. in the next few months. The discounts are so good.. oooh all the branded stuff at such good price.. argh! NO NO NO!! Must not think of that!

I must have more self control man!

Looking forward to pay day next week! Must pay credit card bills and save! I spent so much i can redeem vouchers! Hey.. i can use the vouchers to do some shopping hehehe hmmmm Yes!

It's the boyfriend's best friend's wedding today. It's at some converted barn.. and they are to do a barn dance! No way am i doing a barn dance on my wedding! I've already told the boyfriend. It's either swing dancing or salsa. I love swing dancing. I'm gonna join the lindy hop club when i'm at the uni. I also want to join the trampoline club. hehe.

I hope that nice lady at the uni has looked through my application and will give me a reply soon. She told me i'll hear from them in Oct. Please just say you want me! If not i'll have to stick to doing their distance learning course.. but i don't want cos i want to study full time!

Argh.. i'm so bored. Watched a few eps of CSI... i think i should clean my room.. but i'm lazy. I'm always lazy.


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