Saturday, February 05, 2005

He's here!

Yay! He's finally here!

He's taking a nap now.. i had to lock the door cos the nieces kept coming into my room to look at him! ahahahaha and they are waiting for him to wake up so they can play with him.

While i was at the airport waiting for The Boyfriend.. i met a friend who just came back from Bostwana. What a coincidence! haha It was nice to see my friend again. He was so happy to see me too and immediately opened his luggage to give me my present.

I saw many other familiar faces too - my ex-neighbour, my ex-colleague and an ex-schoolmate - the stupid prefect who booked me for talking to my friend during assembly. it's just so amazing i think -to see so many familiar faces in one morning.

Anyway, it is so great to be in The Boyfriend's arms again! I'm so happy! I was so excited this morning that i kept giggling to myself hahaha.

Ok i think he's waking up.. i better go.. hehe He doesn't know that i blog.

Oh yes.. and thank you everyone for all the nice messages and also for being so excited for me/us. :D



Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I feel so happy for you too!!

Jayaxe said...

Awwwwww! Just in time for V-Day!

aish said...

YAY! :)

KnightofPentacles said...

Good for you! (And him!)
Long distance relationships can be really hard.

Zen|th said...

Have a great time together! =)

Zen|th said...

Have a great time together! =)

sari said...

Have lots of fun babe!! so happy to see u soooo happy!! hehehehe

defy angel said... happy .... ur "I want to" No. 9 seems to be moving up on the list. hehehe....

Cheers and have lots of fun!

SumiSweet said...

I love your blog..You're funny!

Have a great time with the bf!!

Much love..

Bubblemunche said...

I'm sure The Boyfriend will love to read your blog :D! Have fun ah :D!!

Anonymous said...

heh felt weird not commenting here even after i've sent u the sms. so here i am again! (the trade is still somewhat on, right? *hopeful)

i so hope to be able to bump into u and your s/o during the cny period haha.

im really happy for you:)


Fat Fingers said...

LMD : Thank you! :)

Jayaxe : Yes! Just in time for Vday! Though we think Vday is silly..


Knight : Yes it can be hard at times.. but it's worth it hehe.. if that person is the one hohoho

Zen|th / Sari Party Girl: Thank you! We are having a great time!

defy_angel : haha yeah maybe it is! :D

Aresha : Thank you! :D

Bubbles : Yeah i think he will enjoy it hehe. but i am not sure if i want him to read this hehe

Shan : My mama didn't make enough cookies hehe well cos i ate most of it already! haha Yeah if you are (un)lucky, you might bump into me. :D

alice said...

awwww.thats so sweet.
just in time for the reunion dinner! :P

Bubblemunche said...

Happy New Year to Fingers and The Boyfriend :D!